How to Run Your Business (While Vacationing Like a Rockstar)!

Vacation like a rockstar

Vacation and Business

By Susan Brown

Summer is coming!

Can you believe it? Along with the fun in the sun comes change in routine, kids out of school, and, the best part:  VACATION!

Are you a business owner wondering how to run your business while away? I’ve got some tips to help you ROCK it!

How to Run Your Business While on Vacation:

1).  Be Prepared!

Goals and Plans

If you know you are going to be at the beach, on a cruise, or out of the country, prepare yourself accordingly. A goal without a plan is just a wish. You’ve got to have a method going into your madness to make it work! I suggest writing out a day-by-day list of what you WILL and WILL NOT do while on vacation. If you want to completely unplug, that’s great, just make sure you set up auto-responders on your email accounts and make your network aware you will be away.

2).  Make a List!

I’ve made it a habit to make sure my business is ready to take with me, just as I would make sure to pack sunscreen and a bathing suit in my suitcase. Having a ready- made list of people to contact will maximize the few minutes you do have here and there to work your business! You can also make a week long list of items that are must-dos so you don’t forget anything as your daily schedule changes while away.

3).  Share your Experience!

You aren’t always on vacation, so make sure you take advantage to the cool adventures you are on and share them on your social media accounts! Your audience will enjoy learning about how you spend your free time and it’s a great way to increase engagement!

4).  Meet New People!

Going to a new place is the PERFECT opportunity to grow your network. Strike up a conversation with people you are staying near, those you meet on the beach or by the pool, and even those you sit on an airplane beside. There are ENDLESS opportunities to make new friends while traveling this summer.

Stay organized, plan ahead, and you will ROCK your business this summer!

Click here for more tips on Growing Your Business and Developing a Brand that distinguishes you!

Written by Susan Brown

Build a Business & Continue a Legacy

Go After Your Dreams

Business Along with a Military Career…the Ultimate Freedom

With Memorial Day upcoming, most topics that come to mind are important to highlight, but heartbreaking, as they bring to mind those we have lost over the years…who gave the ultimate sacrifice to protect our Freedom.  They leave us unsure of what to do next, and how to carry on their legacy.  They leave us feeling lost and confused. 

Today I want to talk about something uplifting.  I want to talk about two people who decided to DO SOMETHING about that heartbreak, and to find a way to heal the families that are left behind.  Matt and Micaela are two dear friends who found a way to run a successful business alongside their military careers.  They are incredible leaders that I am proud to serve alongside, and I am the beneficiary of their leadership and mentorship as entrepreneurs as well.  I asked them to join us today to talk about how they balance their business with their military careers, and how they leverage their success to run a nonprofit, the Survivors of Heroes Retreat at Holbrook Farms, Minnesota.  More importantly, I asked them to share a little bit about their inspiration, and how they’re giving back to a community one hero at a time.

Click on the Video Below Watch Their Amazing Story

Thank you to Matt & Micaela for taking the time to share with us today!  From shuffling boxes out of the way of the camera in their new house, fitting in a video the night before Matt went TDY, my internet crashing last minute, filming with a phone propped up, sitting on the bathroom floor (with a baby sleeping in the next room)…it’s a miracle we pulled it off.

Learn More and Get Involved

Mission Milpreneur and Holbrook Farms Retreat

Holbrook Farms Retreat

To learn more about the retreat, check out, and see how Matt and Micaela redefined their ability to give back at  To contribute to their mission, click here.

Written by Angelina Stephens

Even Super Heroes Deserve a Day Off!

We salute mother's

Mothers…the 1st Super Heroes

by Angela Uebelacker

Mom’s…The First Real Super Heroes

Gosh…to think about what I wanted to say to all you mothers, in celebration of your amazing Super Hero powers has really been difficult.  By no means am I perfect, or close to winning the ‘Mom of the Year’ award, but I fear there is too much worry and pressure where this thought is concerned.  Now, don’t get me wrong, because we as humans are not perfect (and there are mothers out there that simply shouldn’t be blessed with this role)…but, for everyone else, all of you…GIVE YOURSELF A BREAK!!!

This time of year, or day, is about the celebration of Mothers.  A special day to really highlight all of your amazing qualities and characteristics, and amazing abilities to do everything, be everywhere, produce multiple limbs for holding everything…YOU NAME IT, we do it all!!!  And although this day counts, and we appreciate the love, gifts, cards, and thought that goes into this day…we’re absolutely fine with even a few quiet hours to ourselves…CHA-CHING talk about winning the ultimate pot o’gold HAHAHA.

Embrace Your Many Roles

We love all of the wonderful people that raise us up on this day (in fact, we deserve to be celebrated every single day)!!!  As a mother, we have many roles.  We are students; we have goals, dreams, careers, aspirations…we are smart, driven, empowering, and not perfect!  We want to give, serve, grow, and live.  We want to enjoy life, rock our messy buns, embrace our worn out sweatpants, and every now and then SKIP THE GYM!!!  There shouldn’t be so much emphasis on what we’re feeding our kids, our focus should be on the quality time we’re spending with them, and teaching them morals and manners that will help them grow into decent human beings.

Our kids are watching every single thing that we are doing and not doing for that matter, and they recognize the stress, aggravation, and overwhelming schedule we have created for ourselves…let alone them!!  Yes, activities are important and so is eating a balanced healthy meal, or simply sitting down at the table together with no ELECTRONIC devices!!  So, give yourself permission to embrace the moment…play outside, get dirty, and live life!

Hang Up Your Cape…(for just a moment)

We take on so much as mothers, and you know what…I LOVE IT, TOO!!!  All the chaos!!!  But, we have to remember every day that it is okay to not always be on!!  Whether you’re an entrepreneur, stay at home mother, nurse, teacher, or volunteer, your role is significant!!  You impact people every single day…and you should be so very proud!!  It’s not an easy role, and WE LOVE IT unconditionally, but we also owe ourselves a bit of a break every once in a while!!

If you are not perfect today, you most certainly won’t be tomorrow either…and you know what????…IT DOESN’T MATTER!!!  You will always have Super Hero powers no matter how tall you stand, or how far you fall…and WE applaud you…the genuine, hardworking, loving, dedicated mother, but most importantly we applaud you, JUST THE WAY YOU ARE!!!

Happy Mother’s Day…Today and Every Day!

Written by Angela Uebelacker

The Power of Positivity


Power of Positivity

By Susan Brown

How many times have you heard THIS one before?  Be honest!  I know it can get old:  the power of positive thinking.  However, it truly IS one of the most powerful things you can do for your life, and let me tell you why!

I recently came across a quote that read something like “what you think about now determines where you will end up in five years.”  I was honestly blown away by this and had to read it several times.  How?  How is that true?  As my befuddled brain thought through it, I realized what I think the author was getting at:  What you think about, you bring about.

I’ve heard this phrase countless times from various leaders in my company.  Motivational speakers, books, and even on my Pinterest feed!  I mean, who doesn’t love a good quote, right?  This one is profoundly true time and time again, at least for me.

I find that most thoughts engineer themselves in my head from negative self-talk, upon further recollection and mindfulness on this topic I realized that some things even manifest from untrue and/or unloving things people have said.  For example:  Have you ever looked in the mirror and called yourself ugly?  That’s what you will think about all day:  “I am ugly”.   Or, have someone tell you as a child you aren’t good at math?  You will tell yourself you can’t possibly run a business.  It REALLY is true that the thoughts that pop in and out of your head influence your day-to-day actions.

Are you wondering if this is true in your life?  Experiment a little!  Write down your thoughts each day.  Pause and write on your phone or a little notebook any time you have a negative thought.  Then think:  where do these come from?  Why am I telling myself this?  Is this actually true?  I’ve found tons of incredible insight through self-reflection.  And, in doing so, it has created so much empowerment and positive change in my day-to-day outlook and attitude!

Here’s a story to show you that what’s between your ears really does influence your actions…

Yesterday, I took my sweet toddler to his 30-month well baby visit.  We adore our pediatrician and our son (he is the sweetest boy)!  However, we’ve recently noticed that he shows significant speech delay and there have been a few other things that gave pause for concern.  Despite these things, I’ve tried my best to maintain a positive attitude and went into the appointment upbeat.  Sadly, that’s not how I left it.  It was a difficult conversation with our pediatrician who continues to be concerned about areas of his development.  As a mom, this is not fun news.  I sobbed.  I felt sad, angry, and helpless.  But you know what?  Instead of drowning myself in all the negativity that I was SO tempted to do, I chose to focus on the positives:  early intervention, the great services we are already receiving, insurance to be able to seek services, my amazing son, and our incredible support network.

Yesterday, and every day, I will CHOOSE the positive outlook because it IS powerful.  I hope you can, too!

Written by Susan Brown

Milpreneur Tribe: 2017 Guest Bloggers

Milpreneur pronunciation

Milpreneur /mil-pruh-nur/

Welcome to our Tribe of Milpreneurs…

We are so excited that you have joined our journey to Live . Give . Serve . Grow. and we can’t wait to learn from you!

We call ourselves Milpreneurs (military + entrepreneur = milpreneur).  If you don’t know, we are a group of military spouses, family-members, and their supporters, who share a mission.  Really, it’s a journey to change lives, inspire, and connect a community who can learn from each other!

One way that we are doing just that, is by sharing amazing stories from our incredible military community.  You’ve heard from them, but now it’s time to introduce the 2017 Milpreneur Bloggers.

Mission Milpreneur

Tribe of Milpreneurs

2017 Milpreneur Bloggers:

Susan Brown.


Susan Brown

Susan is a former elementary school teacher who switched gears to build a small business and stay at home with her two toddlers.  She is a Navy wife living in the D.C. area and loves connecting with other military spouses.  In fact, Susan is an expert on managing social media and has great tips to Grow a Business You Love.  Click to learn more about Susan.

Risa Riepma.


Risa Riepma

Risa is a wife, busy mom of three, entrepreneur, and a retired Air Force dietitian.  After 20 years of military service, she is settling in Texas and loving every minute.  When you need some motivation, check out Risa.  She loves to run, cook healthy meals, and find ways to challenge you to find your G.R.I.T.  Click to learn more about Risa.

Angelina Stephens.

Angelina Stephens

Ange is an active duty Air Force maintenance officer, military spouse, freelance writer, entrepreneur, and proud mom.  When you want to be inspired, read about her greatest Learning Moments or tales from living on a boat.  You’ll love her honesty and relate to how she turned quirky superstitions into achievements.  Click to learn more about Angelina.

Angela Uebelacker.


Angela Uebelacker

Angela is a busy mom, full-time student, entrepreneur, and military spouse.  While working in the health care industry, Angela developed a passion helping others.  Now, she’ll help you feel empowered as she shares her authentic self and Ideas Worth Spreading.  Angela recently moved to Japan with her Navy family and is living a new adventure every day.  Click to learn more about Angela.

Come back to each week to join the conversation with our Tribe of Milpreneurs.

And, we’d love to hear your ideas and comments!  Share them on Facebook or email us at

From the Rearview Mirror

Mission Milpreneur

Reflections in Mirror

By Angela Uebelacker

When I think back to before I had children, I’m reminded of how I hoped it would always be.  My child would have the best life, we’d always be on an adventure, we’d always play and have so much fun, and never be tired of this world we created for our little loves.  Life would ALWAYS be something we would look forward too; we would always be on time, present, and ready to play ALL DAY!!!  It never occurred to me how much would actually be true, what details would actually change, and even as the years go by how often I’m reminded of how I hoped it would be.



My child from the age of 6 months old has experienced so many changes…changes she has never once asked for, but very bravely endured!  There have been two deployments, and three moves in her 5 years of life.  She has lived in a hotel, traveled across the states, and traveled internationally.  She has fallen in love with family, friends, neighbors, daycares, and pre-school teachers all to be pulled away when our lives took on a different journey.  She has questioned these changes, feared being forgotten and most importantly feared being left behind the entire time!

As parents, there is no such blueprint on life, let alone on how to be the best parents we can possibly be.  There is no truth to what we hoped it would be like, simply because we’re not meant to know our true journey…We get tired, we have schedules, routines, work, school, extracurricular activities…and somewhere in between what we do to make “our lives” better we have the time for how we hoped it would be.

It’s simply not that simple…the love and pride I have for my husband’s service and the community we belong to continues to grow with each passing day.  I chose this life, not knowing the depths of how much would change, but fully accepting the reason behind it!  Every new experience no matter how frustrating, no matter how many new interviews, friends, neighbors or finding our way around unfamiliar territories, I’m so forever grateful and proud of the choices we have made…And one day, my hope is that she will be too!  But until then, I would like her to know…

From the Rearview Mirror…

From the rearview mirror, Mommy has watched you grow into a brave, smart, adventurous little girl.  I have feared every change you have had to endure.  My heart has broken with every single goodbye, and I have even forgotten how to breathe with every tear!  Through all of these changes, you have continued to make me so proud.  You have inspired me to be a stronger, BRAVER, person and one that I hope you can be proud of too.

From the rearview mirror, I have watched your curiosity, frustration, and even felt you worry…I see your sad eyes, I see your tears, and understand your fears!!  I’ve watched you wave goodbye, race my car until the fence ends, and watch which direction I turn.  And with each passing day, I’ve missed you!!  There is nothing more that I would rather be doing, but spending all my time with you…and when Daddy is “away” for work, I have captured every moment I could.  Cheered on all your first milestones, and made myself available for every ‘pre-school’ party and event so you always had someone present.

From the rearview mirror…I have seen your excitement, I have seen you smile, and felt your laughter!!  My job is just a job, my continued education a dream, and no matter how busy life gets my hope has always been the same.  One day you will understand the choices that I’ve made, you’ll appreciate the changes, and look forward to what lies ahead.  And no matter where we go I hope you always know how I hoped it would always be, and that with each passing day I continue to strive to make it all be true.

From the rearview mirror, I did it all for you!

Written by Angela Uebelacker

Are You Building Your Business Online The Right Way?

Raise your hand if you are building a business online?

Awesome!  You have locked into the power of the e-commerce world, and let me tell you, it’s a huge opportunity!  Thousands of people sign up daily within various direct selling and marketing opportunities!  The internet allows you to connect with billions of people across the globe.  Literally a world of opportunity and connections are at your fingertips, but the question remains – are you using this opportunity correctly?

I watch it daily on my social media feeds – various consultants and network marketing affiliates spamming their network with “join me, join me”, desperate pleas for people to buy their products or join their team.  Don’t get me wrong, that used to be me, until I locked in on the bigger picture and the real foundation needed to build a thriving network marketing business!

What Distinguishes You

What most people fail to understand is that there are literally THOUSANDS of great opportunities out there, and within each of those there are THOUSANDS of people sharing those same great products.  What distinguishes you from others is not your number of posts per day, contacts on your phone, or followers on your feeds.  What really gives you the ability to connect and GROW is YOU!

The average person out there isn’t looking to join a company, they are looking to join a person!  People don’t want to browse your page and continuously see copy and paste type posts with yet another results picture of a complete stranger you don’t even know!  They want to see YOU!  They want to hear from YOU.  Why do you love what you do?  How do you use your opportunity in your busy days?  How have the products helped enhance your day-to-day life?   You have to make it personal!

Your Brand

What so many online marketers don’t do is brand themselves and focus on building relationships.  These two things are VITAL for success!   These days’ people want REAL.  They don’t want to be sold to, they don’t want to be bothered, and they don’t want to hear a bunch of jargon.  They want real, authentic, down to earth people that are just like them.  You don’t need a shiny, perfectly packaged success story.  Actually, you need quite the opposite.  If you are seen as “perfect”, who will want to connect with you?  Not many people!  Be yourself always!

The more real and relatable you are, the more people you will attract.  The more you take time to get to know a person FIRST before you share your product or opportunity, the more sales you will make!  I guarantee it.

So, go out there and really take a hard look at how you are building!  Ask yourself tough questions.  Look at your social media feeds.  Are you giving people valuable content?  Sharing your heart?  Showing your REAL life?  You don’t have to be Pinterest perfect, just real and authentic.

I challenge you to put yourself out there and focus on building relationships first.  Watch the gold that will follow!  You won’t regret it!

Written by Susan Brown

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Finding Happiness Through GRIT


Guts, Resilience, Initiative, and Tenacity

Let’s take a minute and think back about our lives before social media took over, shall we?

While it wasn’t that very long ago, it almost seems hard to fathom that about a decade or so ago we experienced very fulfilling lives and relationships before the explosion of Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter.  I think most of us will agree that our lives are more positive and staying connected with others through social media is pretty awesome.

However, I’d like to be real for a few moments about what we don’t talk about too often about the beast…

Social media and more specifically, Facebook, is like a beautiful ice cream sundae.  Let me elaborate here…In real life where we communicate and interact in person, we sometimes say the “wrong” things and we may portray a less than perfect image but this is not so much the case with social media.  If any of us were to scroll through our newsfeed today, we’d see stories and posts of what seem to be perfect lives topped with picture perfect dollops of whipped cream and cherries.  While it serves no real purpose to exude negativity, rant, and vent to others each day, this “pie in the sky” vibe can be misleading.  Wouldn’t you agree?

The Highs Come With Just As Many Lows

The bottom line is, that each and every one of us has our own personal struggles, setbacks, and goals not yet achieved.  We create our own happiness in life by choosing a positive outlook and embracing a spirit of determination or what I like to call “grit”.  Let’s face it, life can be HARD.  Really hard and that reality is not always something we choose to share on social media.  I think many times we see others’ successes at face value but what we don’t see and perhaps they have never shared, is that the highs did not come without just as many lows.

I don’t know about you, but I love a good story of the “under dog.”  You know, the person who has had all odds stacked against him/her and through sheer determination over time, have conquered their world.  I’m talking about people like Oprah Winfrey who came from a scarred childhood but rose to become an amazing entrepreneur with a net worth of nearly $3 Billion.  Or, how about Stephen King whose first novel was rejected thirty times but today his books have sold over 350 million copies and have been made into many motion pictures?  Most of us know of Bill Gate’s story and how his first company and product failed miserably but today, he is a household name and the richest person in the whole world.  The stories can go on and on.  How encouraging is it to know that our own personal story is not over as long as we have grit and the will to try and try again?

Achievements Don’t Happen By Themselves…It’s Called Grit

If you ask me, grit is what true character is made of.  It takes courage, humility, belief, and so much more to overcome adversity and keep our eye on the prize.  When we get caught up in our own shortcomings and what seems to be others’ perfect lives, it’s important to remember that huge achievements in life don’t happen by themselves or overnight.  In most cases, the journey to our own personal greatness resembles a marathon rather than a sprint but it also brings a beautiful finish line that is always within reach.

Avoid The Comparison Game By Reflecting On Your Journey

It’s sometimes easy to get caught up in social media and a place where we find ourselves playing the comparison game.  When we find our thoughts going in that direction, we should reflect on our own journey.  We should focus more on being in the moment and embrace the fact that it’s through hardship and struggles in life that we find our strength.

Having G.R.I.T. will help you grow into the person we are meant to be.

Written By Risa Riepma


Girls for Progress

How Much Has Changed Since You Were Young?

As a child, we relocated several times before settling down in a small Arizona town.  I’ve spent most of my life in the west coast, did a lot of outdoors activities and traveled once internationally as an infant.  We otherwise traveled only within the United States, camping, site seeing, and just enjoying time together as a family.  I admit I’m only in my mid-thirties so there is plenty of time to seek as much adventure as I can handle.  Either way I have lived well, happy, independent, and enjoyed the many changes along the way.

Remember When Social Media Was Nonexistent?

Girls For Progress

My life in the military community is where I have experienced the most change, and growth.  The most apparent changes however (and I’m certain anyone close to my age or older can agree on), is how much has changed around us!!!  Do you remember when everyone had pagers, or even better when cell phones looked like bricks???…When a navigation system was simply a map stretched open across the dash or the do…doo…dooo…and ringing of dial up Internet connections; and let’s face it, there were days when social media and selfies were nonexistent!!!!!!!

Can We Handle The Unknown?

Change brings about even more significant concerns in the way our society behaves.  From generation to generation, our beliefs, and our openness to how the world is evolving are very different.  We are never without controversial topics, fears, debates, worries, and gaps in understanding any one area or collective occurrence.  It started to make me sad and a bit unsure of what we can expect…will our futures be prosperous, how much more will change, and can we handle the unknown???  Luckily, the changes in technology have also become an exciting way to invest in new ideas, virtually witness the good that still exists in people, and has also helped find a way to still be hopeful that our future and generations that will lead us are very well prepared to handle the task.  My fears have turned into pride, and excitement as I have been blessed to truly witness the greatest glimpse of hope!  Hope from a particular person, an act, and gesture…hope from a generation of amazing YOUNG people that are barely scratching the surface of what’s to come…what we can look forward to for our own children, and the best part is…we no longer have anything to FEAR!!

Now, what am I possibly referring to???  What could I possibly know, or have witnessed that you may have missed???

Lemon “Aid”

“Aid” because she donates a portion of her money to benefit kids with cancer.

There is this amazing young lady, Aleena Valdez, who has created a change in our world that is sure to get us all back on track!  This young lady started changing her community and giving back at the age of 11 years old.  She started a small lemonade stand to raise money to donate to children with cancer!!!  She wanted it to be something bigger than just lemonade and through the request of her parents for a loan, she put a presentation together with costs of supplies, etc. and presented it to her parents to make it all happen.  She then changed the name of her charity to Aleena’s Lemon “Aid” spelled with “Aid” because she donates to the Phoenix Children’s Hospital, where she has been
making a significant difference with her generosity, time, and pure selflessness.

And it gets better…

Fast forward a bit and you’ll discover Girls for Progress, which is an event created by this same brave, intelligent, inspiring, empowering, GIVING, and SELFLESS young lady!!  She started this event after she met her amazing mentor Amy Jo Martin.  Aleena received help with questions about her business, was able to attend Inbound 2015 in Boston, which is a big conference where she would get the chance to hear her mentor speak.  She was interviewed for a part of her mentor’s speech titled “Pretty Damn Rad” and it was about empowering girls to be and see themselves as more than just pretty but pretty damn rad, pretty damn smart.  This event opened Aleena’s eyes to the empowerment she could have on other young girls and she “loved each message and wanted to spread it and thought that girls her age could benefit from something like that.”  With that memorable experience, she created Girls For Progress; in hopes to bring an empowering conference to her hometown of Phoenix, Arizona, and share it with other girl’s ages 11-15 years old.  These young ladies could expect and experience a “variety of different inspiring speakers from across the nation, fun activities, and the ability to make new friends that hopefully want to make an impact on their communities also.”

This Amazing Event Has Three Main Goals:

1).  To help young girls be aware of their social surroundings.

2).  To inspire girls to make a difference.

3).  To build lifelong support for each other along the way.

This conference allows young ladies all over to gain confidence to lead, become entrepreneurs, and learn from amazing speakers who are experts in a variety of fields.  Girls For Progress wants girls to believe how powerful they are and how much of a difference they are capable of making regardless of their ages.

What a gift!!!

It brings tears to my eyes knowing that the future of my daughter is in the hands of some amazing young people!  Aleena Valdez is a force to be reckoned with and I truly encourage us all to take a look into the amazing ways she is changing her community, our children, and our world.  She gives me hope that our future is in the best hands, and the confidence that my daughter will grow up with amazing role models!!!  Young people all over are receiving a true gift from the amazing things Aleena is doing.  They all will learn how to give selflessly of themselves, to be confident in themselves, and have the belief that they have the power to make the same changes and impact that Aleena has made.  This incredible event is inspiration for anyone capable of seeing the value in the lesson she is instilling on so many hearts and minds!  This is an opportunity to learn, grow, and give back!!  We should all take the time to experience the impact this young lady has on our society and share this gift with our own children and communities.

The next Girls For Progress event will be held in Austin, Texas this June and it’s a no brainer that it will be nothing short of AMAZING!!!

For details about the next conference, to donate, or to learn more check out: and


Written by Angela Uebelacker