Want To Grow A Business You Really Love?

Part I

It’s here!  The season of love, right?  What a fun one!  Valentine’s Day parties, flowers, chocolate, romance, all these quintessential things deemed part of the seasonal experience.  What if there’s a way to bring those things into your business?  It sounds kind of funny, right?  I thought so, too, to be quite honest!

Here, let me explain a bit…

A Business You Love

When reflecting on how I receive and give love, something hit me.   This “love” thing is about people first and foremost, yes, but it can also be extended to various areas of my life.  My business is a vehicle to have the resources I need and want to best love those around me, so why not give it some love, too?

This is a question I’ve asked myself daily for the past few weeks.  What does it take to grow a business I truly love?  Not just one that pays the bills and gets the job done, but one that actually fulfills me and leads me toward my greater goals and purpose.  The first thing I’ll tell you is the answers are not always clear or easy because growing a business isn’t always easy.  I’ve encountered many challenges, including some of the biggest I’ve ever faced in the past month.

So, where does that leave me with the answer to this question?

It Isn’t Always Easy…But It’s Always Worth It!

Here is what I know.  Just like I always tell my team, business is a lot like marriage and exercise:  It isn’t always easy but it’s always worth it.   There will be good times, hard times, sad times, times of momentous growth and times of loss.   It’s in the continuation and drive despite the ups and downs that you can find true purpose.   The hard times are often the ones that grow my love the most because I find out what it’s really all about.  My drive has to go deep, deep down into the depths of who I am and what I want.  By taking the next step, even when I can’t see what’s next or it feels scary, I’ve found all the things I truly love about my business.

The Amazing Gift Of A Business You Love…

It’s in helping those who have the heart to grow their business, it’s in connecting and building relationships with incredible people from all over the country, it’s in helping others realize their greater purpose and what drives them to grow and succeed.   Through the good and bad I cling to what I love, and because of that, I’ve seen tremendous growth in myself and in my business.   I can honestly say I love my business and what I do, and that is an amazing gift.

So, friend, do not be afraid to ask yourself hard questions and find what it takes for you to keep going and Grow A Business You Love!

Written by Susan Brown

Want more practical tips about how to fall in love with your business?

Check back soon for Part II.

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