What TED Has Done For The World?

Who’s TED…?

If you are anywhere on social media, the Internet, or YouTube you’ve probably read about TED, heard about TED, talked about TED and like I (totally embarrassed btw)…wondered WHO IS TED???  Well, I’ll let you in on a big secret…TED is not a person; rather TED is a collection of person’s that have taken over the world (in my opinion) by sharing “Ideas Worth Spreading”.

Ideas Worth Spreading” is TED’s motto…And TED is an amazing nonprofit organization devoted to spreading ideas, in short, powerful talks in 18 minutes or less…SERIOUSLY…a global community where people from all walks of life, careers, and cultures can dig a little deeper and seek a greater understanding of the world.  It is a platform that allows people to discover any new or old idea they could ever possibly want to know, simply to engage conversation and spread the creativity we’ve developed, experienced, or taught through our ideas…AND IT’S FREE!!!!!  TED is an incredible community with the best possible collection of life worthy knowledge that is truly life changing.

Now, you might ask how is TED changing the world…and let me just tell you that we face many issues in the world and TED offers a global ability to feed our desires to better the future by using our creativity and ideas to make changes.  Think about the process, of searching a topic of interest and being able to understand many concepts anywhere you are, and in turn, create CHANGE!!  Change within yourself, change within your community, change within the world!!  TED empowers women, educates our youth for the future, brings communities together, and helps to unite the world in a platform that only motivates us to want more, do more, and be more!

So, what does this mean for you…?

Well, if that isn’t reason enough to discover who TED is for you…I don’t know what is!  The endless opportunities to learn, and grow, and step out of those stuffy comfort zones has reached its peak and it’s well overdue to start seeing what TED can do for your world!!  Too often we excuse ourselves from these opportunities that are shoving themselves into our faces and spaces.  I’m especially guilty of allowing my white noise to cloud my purpose, and it is time to take our ideas that sit at the peak of our finger tips and stop holding ourselves back from exploring this gigantic world of inspiration, growth, and empowerment!!!

Create Your Own Change

WE HAVE TO STOP getting in our own way of discovering our greatest purpose!  We have to stop overwhelming our minds with the white noises in our heads, and discover who we are and how we can spread our ideas too!  It’s time to BEGIN to embrace the power, wisdom, and abilities already in our hearts.

Let’s take advantage of this gift we already possess and engage in this amazing community of information and CREATE CHANGE from our ideas!!!  TED offers “Ideas Worth Spreading”, which begs the question…

What Ideas Are You Spreading???  I don’t know about you…but we’re all waiting to hear them!!!

Discover who TED is for you…and create the change in yourself, in your community, and ultimately, in your world!  Check out more at:  https://www.ted.com/

Written by Angela Uebelacker


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