Are You Building Your Business Online The Right Way?

Raise your hand if you are building a business online?

Awesome!  You have locked into the power of the e-commerce world, and let me tell you, it’s a huge opportunity!  Thousands of people sign up daily within various direct selling and marketing opportunities!  The internet allows you to connect with billions of people across the globe.  Literally a world of opportunity and connections are at your fingertips, but the question remains – are you using this opportunity correctly?

I watch it daily on my social media feeds – various consultants and network marketing affiliates spamming their network with “join me, join me”, desperate pleas for people to buy their products or join their team.  Don’t get me wrong, that used to be me, until I locked in on the bigger picture and the real foundation needed to build a thriving network marketing business!

What Distinguishes You

What most people fail to understand is that there are literally THOUSANDS of great opportunities out there, and within each of those there are THOUSANDS of people sharing those same great products.  What distinguishes you from others is not your number of posts per day, contacts on your phone, or followers on your feeds.  What really gives you the ability to connect and GROW is YOU!

The average person out there isn’t looking to join a company, they are looking to join a person!  People don’t want to browse your page and continuously see copy and paste type posts with yet another results picture of a complete stranger you don’t even know!  They want to see YOU!  They want to hear from YOU.  Why do you love what you do?  How do you use your opportunity in your busy days?  How have the products helped enhance your day-to-day life?   You have to make it personal!

Your Brand

What so many online marketers don’t do is brand themselves and focus on building relationships.  These two things are VITAL for success!   These days’ people want REAL.  They don’t want to be sold to, they don’t want to be bothered, and they don’t want to hear a bunch of jargon.  They want real, authentic, down to earth people that are just like them.  You don’t need a shiny, perfectly packaged success story.  Actually, you need quite the opposite.  If you are seen as “perfect”, who will want to connect with you?  Not many people!  Be yourself always!

The more real and relatable you are, the more people you will attract.  The more you take time to get to know a person FIRST before you share your product or opportunity, the more sales you will make!  I guarantee it.

So, go out there and really take a hard look at how you are building!  Ask yourself tough questions.  Look at your social media feeds.  Are you giving people valuable content?  Sharing your heart?  Showing your REAL life?  You don’t have to be Pinterest perfect, just real and authentic.

I challenge you to put yourself out there and focus on building relationships first.  Watch the gold that will follow!  You won’t regret it!

Written by Susan Brown

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