5 Ways to Survive Summer Break (and keep your sanity)!

Written by Risa Riepma

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It’s Summer…Are You Ready?

I am not sure about you, but the countdown to the last day of school has been in effect for several weeks in my house. For me, the end of school means that not only will my 3 kiddos be spending more time at home with me, but also my husband who is a school counselor.  Despite the fact that my family has had summer break off for over a decade, this summer will be much different.

Last year I left my full time job to grow my virtual business and be a work-from-home-mom (WFHM). YAYYYYYY!

While summer break may mean setting aside the kids’ backpacks and homework, it does not necessarily mean that life slows down. If you have kids and depending on what their summertime activities looks like, your daily schedule is going to looks different and go through a bit of a transition. If you’re used to being in charge of your schedule during the day, it’s time to roll with the punches and be flexible. It may be time to come up with a new daily and weekly schedule. Many home business owners will argue that business slows down in summer months but when this happens, it’s more a result of less income producing activity vs customers having tighter purse strings.

Pay attention to these tips to help your business continue to grow (and help maintain your sanity this summer)!

5 Easy Tips to Survive Your Summer Break:

Tips that Make Life Better

Tips that Make Life Better

1) Plan Your Week Each Sunday

Sitting down with your calendar/planner and your family’s list of activities and plan for income producing activity (IPA) each Sunday will help you be PROACTIVE vs REACTIVE.

I don’t know about you, but having to fit in an unexpected event in an already full day, makes me a bit grumpy. If it means certain activities have to be skipped (because after all, none of us have a clone), then don’t be afraid to politely excuse yourself so that you don’t over-commit.

2) Establish and Stick to “Hours of Operation” For Your Business

Most of us have heard the term “hours of operation” and it sounds wonderful in theory but sticking to set hours that you will do your best to minimize distractions and focus on engaging in IPA takes a conscious effort and PRACTICE! I’ve been practicing this for over 2 years and I still feel like I fall short. As always, recognizing those activities that are time wasters will be key to making the time you do spend, the most productive.

This is especially true in the summer.

It’s important to set hours of operation, whether it is 1 hour/day or more or two 30 min blocks of time each day.  Letting your family know this is “mom’s alone time to work” will keep frustration at bay for you and your summertime rugrats, I mean children. On the flip side to this, doing your best to not be glued to your phone or laptop outside your set hours of operation is just as important. Your family deserves your undivided attention and no one wants to look back at the end of summer break and wish they had spent more time splashing in the pool with their kids.

Remember: daily homework and early bedtimes are just around the corner.

3) Make the Most of Meeting New People and Friends

Summer break + family vacations + new activities = new opportunities to make new friends and share your business!

Whether we are holding more events to share our business, hopping on a plane to visit out of state family, hanging out at our neighborhood pool, or spending more time in playdates, we are going to be surrounded by new people. Being approachable, friendly, and ready to share our products and story can do amazing things for our business. This is especially true during the summer months when we are meeting new people left and right.

One thing I’ve found to be helpful at the end of the initial conversation is asking them right away if they would like to stay connected on Facebook or email. Developing organic friendships where we can be our genuine self and gain others’ trust goes a long way in inspiring others to join us in business as customers and business partners.

4) Set Goals for Your Business and Be Accountable

While June-Aug probably means your kids are putting their feet up more but this shouldn’t be you! Setting BIG goals this summer for your business and not stopping until you reach them will launch your personal business and team to the next level. Finding an accountability partner and someone you can connect with each week to discuss IPA, things that are going well, and areas you need to improve, can help you reach your goals.

Remember: focus on action oriented activities and track weekly stats.

5) Take Time for Yourself

Finding some alone time each week to re-energize and refocus is so important. Life can get a little crazy with all the the moving parts and things we need to juggle during the summer to keep our households running smoothly.

What helps me manage stress is making sure I start each day with a grateful heart. Then, I need to get my workouts in at least 3-4 times/week. I schedule them early in the day so that there is less of a chance that other commitments get in the way.

Remember: Whether it is reading, doing yoga, or whatever your outlet may be, make sure to schedule that in your weekly to-do list. You’ll feel better, have more energy, and be more productive.

Being flexible and able to adapt to the changes that summer break brings is what helps us grow and find happiness. Cheers to a fun summer full of family, smiles, personal and professional growth, and SPF!

Written By Risa Riepma

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