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Jen E. Griswold

Hearing the words “military wife” often conjures images of a watchful white-gloved woman, poised contentedly in her living room as she awaits her husband’s return. Many assume she has hobbies, but probably not a career, or even the desire to have one. She is a mother, a wife, a constant friend – and in some people’s minds, that must be enough. For Jen Griswold, and so many women like her, it isn’t enough, and doesn’t need to be. While Jen is a mother, a wife, and a friend to many, she is equally a woman who gave up her own very successful career to be with her children, and to accommodate the hectic nature of her husband’s job as a military pilot.

Jen met her husband while attending the Air Force Academy. He became a pilot and she went on to become an Aircraft Maintenance Officer, which meant that, like him, she was often deployed. When the couple decided to have children it made sense for Jen to join the reserves and stay at home, at least for a while.  After three years, no longer willing to put her identity on reserve, she began to look for part-time work. Despite her level of education, she was unable to find suitable work for part-time hours, and decided to go into business for herself as an interior designer. Her business was a success, but ended for her when the call of duty sent her family to a new location, and Jen prepared to start all over once again.

Fortunately, Jen understood the power of entrepreneurship, and began a new business in an up and coming network marketing company.  She decided at that moment that she would give half her earnings to a nonprofit micro loan organization, and asked them to earmark her money for loans that go to military spouses. And that is only the beginning of her story. Over two years later, she continues to give generously every month to a cause she believes in. “The desire to help these people has always been in the forefront of my mind,” she says. “And I know it’s the reason I have succeeded in my business.” Jen’s passion to help military spouses achieve success and her desire to educate people about their lives comes from experience. She knows very well how hard it is to move every three years, to struggle to find work, to lose yourself in the constant inconsistency. “So many of these women are highly educated people who have given up their careers. And they don’t always want to move around all the time, but they do, and they do it without complaining. It’s a big sacrifice, and I feel like the least we can do is help them a little.”

Griswold Family

With her new company, Jen’s spirit of generosity has been contagious. Her team, which she calls Team GIVE (Genuine Inspired Vibrant Entrepreneurs) all give in some way, whether it be money or their time, and it is the overarching drive behind the team’s success. Jen’s main focus is teaching women leadership and entrepreneurial skills. The sense of empowerment that comes with owning your own business is something she feels very strongly about sharing. Confident that there are many women out there who have it in them to do this, she encourages those who feel intimidated by being their own boss.  And she freely admits that when she got into this business, she didn’t always know what she was doing herself.

Today, Jen Griswold has reinvented life for herself and her family. She embraces the change that has come with working with women, where there is a spirit of collaboration. She loves that the people she works with now are always helping each other, and nurturing each other’s growth. In a society where the business world can be cruel, Jen has created a business based on support and sharing, which is so hard to come by. Further, she has built a group of people who can be proud of their achievements, in whatever measure they choose. When asked how she measures her own success, her answer came easily. “Watching leaders grow. The more people I empower and the more leaders I build – that’s how I measure my success.”

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