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Secrets Tips To Harness Your Gifts

Secrets Tips To Harness Your Gifts

with Jennifer Robbins

At Mission Entrepreneur we are excited to share the secrets of our success.  Our mission is to teach and empower you to get ahead in business and in life.  Twice a month we interview inspiring entrepreneurs who share their secrets to success.

Meet Jennifer:

This week, we continued our interview series with our friend, a fantastic food blogger, author, and business owner from Texas.  Jennifer Robins is a military spouse, the founder of Predominantly Paleo and Legit Bread Company, and a best-selling author of 4 cookbooks (with another on the way)!


Jennifer Robins

For years, Jennifer enjoyed excellent health, incredible energy, and stamina…until one day when everything changed.  After battling an autoimmune disease, Lyme disease, and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Jen turned to food to heal what mainstream medicine couldn’t.  And it worked!

Now, she’s grown businesses, turned her passion into profit, and shares recipes that help others.

The Secret:

The secret to harnessing your gift is to “listen to your gut”.  Jennifer reminds us to “provide something useful” and share your authentic self.  As a military spouse and mom who has relocated a lot, she learned to build a community by expressing genuine interest in others.  “People want to follow those who live authentically”.

Jennifer does this by sharing her own story.  “My 3rd book, The Paleo Kids Cookbook was really fun because I got to involve my children with the process. They helped cook, got to judge all the recipes, and also were featured in the cookbook itself”!

Predominately Paleo -Tzimmes

Another secret is that you earn trust by sharing what you have to offer.  For example, if Jennifer is promoting a cookbook, she might post a new recipe or cooking techniques.  Check out this Tzimmes recipe at her blog, Predominately Paleo…(seriously, doesn’t that look amazing)!

And our favorite tip from Jennifer is that “sometimes the how comes later”.  Remember, every business starts with just 1 follower!

Favorite Quote:

Tell a Girl…

Jennifer’s favorite inspiration comes from these quotes:

1).  Tell a girl she can’t and discover a girl who will

2).  Never apologize for shining too brightly or collapsing into yourself at night. This is how stars are made

3).  It is better to fail in originality than to succeed in imitation

4).  She stood in the storm and when the wind did not blow her away she adjusted her sails

Watch the Full Interview:

Secrets of Success with Jen Robins of predominantly paleo!

Posted by Mission Entrepreneur, by Jen Griswold on Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Want More?

See what Jennifer is up to at and

  • FB – predominantlypaleo and legitbreadcompany
  • IG – @predominantly_paleo and @legitbreadcompany
  • Twitter – @predominantlypa

Also, you can read more of her advice in Mission Entrepreneur:  Lessons from Military Life to Create Success in Business Startups, launching on Oct 3rd.  All proceeds from book sales go back to help educate military entrepreneurs (or Milpreneurs).

We are here to help military spouses, like Jennifer, grow new and amazing businesses!  Send us a note to let us know how we’re doing.

Turn Fear Into Opportunity (What’s Holding You Back?)

Turn Fear Into Opportunity

What’s Holding You Back?

Turn Fear into Fun

Part II

By Angela Uebelacker

Last month, I shared a personal discovery…that by purging old jeans that no longer fit, I am better prepared to reach new goals!  If you missed it, you can check it out here.

While I did actually liberate myself from my old jeans (and it felt amazing), jeans are just a metaphor for change. As adults, we sometimes hold on a bit too tight to a memory or feeling, which prevents us from stepping out of a comfort zone.  In fact, fear of change can hinder us from embracing the wonderful opportunities that change often brings.

I recently learned a valuable lesson about adapting to change from a child’s perspective…here’s my daughter’s story:

Resiliency of a Child

Not long ago, my daughter and I attended a birthday party.

Over the years my daughter has had a difficult time being social with other kids (until right before we leave, of course, and then she’s the life of the party). So, as all good moms do, I reminded her that she would be meeting kids that she had never played with before and that this was an opportunity to get to know new people and make new connections. I reminded her to say hello, introduce herself, ask the other kids their names, and to not hide behind me as she often does.

The party consisted of a water balloon fight, one she was so excited to be a part of prior to arriving, and of course an activity that every child loves. The first round of the water balloon fight started and, as you might guess, she would not go out to the grassy area with the other kids.

I watched. I worried. Would she miss all the fun?

Finally, I said, “Lets go get a balloon”.

She followed me, grabbed a balloon, and diligently searched for a target.  In the meantime, I took her distraction as the perfect opportunity to run off to the sidelines where the rest of the parents were. Then, I watched her excitement turn into fear as she realized I was no longer next to her…


She started to run towards me…

Thankfully, a few well-timed water balloons rapidly bombarded her with splashes all around! And suddenly, something changed…she was having FUN!  There was a sparkle in her eyes. She made new friends and was recruited into the girls group!

JUST LIKE THAT the fear of this new experience changed! The laughter and spunk deleted the memory that this was something new and frightening.

Opportunity in Fear

For our children, learning to adjust to constant change is very different. We help by handling them with a specific degree of sensitivity (while also being a little tough); we teach them that they will always have us as a safety net, but it’s perfectly ok if we watch them from the sidelines.

So how can we embrace that as adults?

My daughter taught me so much on that day, but the most important lesson I learned is that there is so much opportunity in fear. If we allow ourselves to get lost in the “water balloon fights” we will be pleasantly surprised at how much is waiting for us on the other side. Fear is actually something we should embrace. It offers new connections and opportunities that are regularly and abundantly waiting for us to snatch up.

So, in your next moment of adapting to something new, think back to the joy your felt when the “water balloon exploded” and realize the amazing things you can accomplish or discover!

Written by Angela Uebelacker

What lessons have you learned from a child?  Send us a comment!

Life Hacks! Get Organized & Save Energy

Life Hacks!  

Get Organized & Save Energy

Life Hacks to Stay Organized

By Susan Brown

Life is crazy, isn’t it?! With back to school, end of summer, start of fall activities, my head is spinning! Adding in running a big business on top of that, and if I don’t stay organized I am doomed for oblivion! Ok maybe not oblivion, but you get the idea!

Organization is key for me in life and in business. I thought I’d share some things that have been saving me time and energy lately!

iCal or Online Calendar

I live my life around my iPhone calendar. I know everyone is not an Apple user, but I suggest finding an online calendar system that is compatible with whatever software you use.

GoogleMaps with Calendar Locations

I love that my iPhone syncs my calendar with my Macbook, so I always remember appointments, play dates, and phone calls. My biggest tip: use the GoogleMaps feature! Plug in an address when you set an event on your calendar and it will alert you in real time the time you need to leave to be on time! And, lets be real, running late is my cardio, but this helps me stay semi-on time 😉

Post It Note App

I am obsessed with using the post it note app! Again, it syncs between my phone and computer. Grocery list, daily to do list, business building tips, social media post ideas, all have a list with a title in all caps at the top for easy referencing! It also has a search bar feature at the top, making it super easy to find a list you are looking for! I keep a list of business contacts as well so I can build my business on the go!

Marco Polo App

There are now so many ways to easily communicate with friends and team members all over the country! I am loving the app Marco Polo. It’s a fun and free video messaging app that I use to keep in touch easily with my team! It’s been a great time saver for providing accountability, training, and encouragement to my team. Also a fun way to keep in touch with family and friends who are far away!

I hope these tips will give you some great strategies for keeping your life in tact in this busy time of the year!

Send us a comment and share your favorite app!

Written by Susan Brown

Secret Tips to Make Money from Your Blog

 Secrets Tips to Make Money from Your Blog

with Maureen Dougherty

At Mission Entrepreneur we are excited to share the secrets of our success.  Our mission is to teach and empower you to get ahead in business and in life.  Twice a month we’ll bring you interviews with inspiring entrepreneurs who share their secrets to success.

Meet Maureen:

This week, we kicked off our Secrets of Success interview series with an amazing lifestyle blogger and military spouse, Maureen Dougherty.  She is the CEO at The Northeast Girl blog where she gives tips on everything fashion, beauty, skincare and military life.

The Northeast Girl

Maureen always had a passion for fashion and style!  Wanting to work, yet struggling to keep her teaching certification current (she’s a mom and military spouse to an Air Force fighter pilot), Maureen is always on the move.

So, it seemed natural that what started as a hobby converted into a sustainable job and income.

The Secret:

To monetize a blog, Maureen recommends focusing on your passion and add your personal twist.  For Maureen, that meant continuing to blog about fashion but adding affiliate marketing.

For example, if Maureen posted about her favorite Fall outfits, she could add an affiliate marketer (like shopstyle or rewardstyle) to her post.  Any of her followers that make a purchase originating from her affiliate link contribute to her profit (even better, there is no mark-up to the consumer)!  Doing what you love and getting paid…that’s a Win-Win!

Favorite Advice:

Rise By Lifting Others

Maureen’s advice is:  “Rise by lifting others” and Stay true to who you are from start to finish.” 

Watch the Full Interview:

Secrets of Success Series: Live interview (take 2) with Maureen Dougherty of 'The Northeast Girl' style blog!

Posted by Mission Entrepreneur, by Jen Griswold on Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Want More?

See what Maureen’s up to at

Also, you can read more of her advice on blogging in Mission Entrepreneur:  Lessons from Military Life to Create Success in Business Startups, launching on Oct 3rd.  All proceeds from book sales go back to help educate military entrepreneurs (or Milpreneurs).

We are here to help military spouses, like Maureen, grow new and amazing businesses!

Send us a note to let us know how we’re doing.

Lessons From My Heart (Surviving Back to School)

Lessons From My Heart

(Surviving Back to School)

Back to School We Go!

By Risa Riepma


“I’m not ready to go back”

“What if the other kids don’t like me?”

“I miss my old school and friends”

These were the responses my 3 kids gave me when I asked them how they felt about going back to school last August. Being a military kid definitely has many advantages and opportunities for growth but it can also be hard, really hard!

Last school year was a huge transition for my 3 kids who at the time were 14, 13, and 10. Of the 3, it was the most challenging for my middle child and only daughter. I was just about to retire from the Air Force and our family was relocating from Germany to San Antonio, TX. Talk about CHANGE! She was starting a new middle school back in the States with many kids who were not of military background and she was also geographically separated from me as I finished my last days on active duty. For some reason, she was taking it harder than my boys. I think a big part of it was that she just missed her mom.

I remember having a FaceTime conversation with her the day before school started. Thank goodness for technology these days. Seeing the tears and sadness in her eyes was the most heart wrenching thing. Bella asked me a question that caught me off guard and caused me to stop and think about my answer. She asked me “what do you know now that you wish you knew when you started middle school?” Wow, what a question…Ironically, I remembered middle school being one of the most challenging and uncomfortable stages of my childhood as well (and I wasn’t a military brat.) Without giving my response too much thought and organization, I started to share my heart and wisdom and the following list of lessons I have learned. I definitely have learned a lot about life since my days in middle school!

Not everyone is going to like you and want to be your friend and that is ok.

This fact is accepted more easily by some kids but for my daughter, it has always been a tough pill to swallow. Wanting to please others and be accepted into their crowd (cliche is actually the term that comes to mind), is a natural desire. However, if it means compromising our values and who we are as individuals, it’s never the right road to follow. Some people will appreciate our gifts, talents, and personality and want to be our friends and others will not. When we learn to love ourselves, others’ opinions of us matter a lot less.

We have to face our fears in life if we expect to grow.

Moving to a new school and country is scary. Making new friends can definitely make us feel vulnerable and is scary. Trying new things, whether it be sports or other extracurricular activities, is scary. But what kind of people would we be if we did not venture and try these things and face our fears? Facing our fears builds character. I explained to her how I could relate to her fear because I experienced the same emotion in starting and growing my business. At a young age of 13, she notices and appreciates my hard work and sees how I face my fears every day.

It’s ok to fail and make mistakes in life. It’s what we take away from the experience that is more important.

Fail is a word that can bring a negative connotation but it shouldn’t be that way. Perhaps we should replace the word “fail” with “fall”. We all fall down and then we all get back up. We start our habit of falling down at the very young age of 1 or 2 when we learn to walk. A toddler falls down many times as he or she learns the new skill of walking and each time the child gets up and tries again. If we don’t fail or fall in life, we will never meet our full potential and learn we are capable of doing hard things. We must get used to falling forward.

Find something to be grateful for each day.

Every day is not going to be an awesome day and some things are undoubtedly not going to go our way. We can choose to focus on the cup being half empty and we will always come out short. We can also focus on it being half full. Even on what seem to be our worst days, there is always something for each of us to be grateful for. These things can be big or small but when we focus on being grateful, it turns a not so good day into a much better one.

You don’t have to have it all figured out right away. It’s about taking baby steps.

It’s human nature to want to see the big picture all at once and know how our story unfolds but that is not how life goes. Even when we pretend to have it all figured out, life can throw us a curve ball and before we know it, we’ve made a 180-degree turn. When things are overwhelming and we’re not sure what’s the right way, we need to focus on taking it one day at a time. I explained to her that every marathon I have trained for and every race I finished came with a decision to try and hundreds (if not thousands) of baby steps. In the end, each of us will reach our goals if we don’t give up.

All of us got through the last school year and as the days and months passed, my daughter’s pleas to be homeschooled subsided. I like to think that my advice and role modeling helped during that transition and will be frequent reminders as she encounters different challenges in her life. This year Bella is starting high school and her positivity and excitement has been a refreshing change. Summertime fun has come to an end. August is here and back to school we all go!

Written By Risa Riepma

Memories Made in the Shade

Memories Made in the Shade

(Eclipse Day 2017)

Eclipse Memories

By Jen Griswold

Monday was a memorable and special day, given that it was the first total solar eclipse visible to the United States in 38 years.  I’m not sure how you spent it, but I made a point to clear my work calendar and take my kids on a day-long adventure that turned out to be a great family bonding day.

Star Moments on TV!

We began by driving to the Air & Space museum here in DC to meet friends and to get our eclipse glasses.  The lines were long, but they moved fast and then we were able to make crafts, ride simulators and enjoy the exhibits in the museum.  The entire day was free (except for parking) and it reminded me how thankful I am to live in DC where we are just a hop, skip and a jump away from a lot of amazing resources!  While we were at the museum, a German reporter for the station WDR interviewed my daughter and her friends.  They were so excited to get a moment on TV (although I could never find the clip on their site)!

Memories…Beyond a Shadow

After the museum, several families met up on a grassy field near a friend’s house and sat on blankets to play games, look at the light through the crafts we made at the museum, and enjoy the changes in light and temperature as the eclipse neared totality (or more accurately, 82% totality).  The kids had snacks and the moms toasted the historical moment and we played a little Bonnie Tyler, “Total Eclipse of the Heart” for good measure.  All in all it was a great day!

As I went to bed on Monday night, I had such a sense of peace.  Looking back on the day, I was glad I decided to go the extra mile to allow for a fun and memorable day.  And here is what I realized:

1)  Kids Remember

Your kids may not always remember the day to day things that happen….like how you made their lunch, the way you fold their underwear, etc.  but they DO remember the special days.  I’ll never forget where I was standing at school the day the Challenger shuttle crashed.  Or how my mom went above and beyond for my 7th grade birthday lunch.  Those special days get etched in a child’s memory, so when you get the chance make them memorable!

Special Moments

2)  Seize the Chance to Bond

As my kids get older and the importance of friends can feel like it eclipses (pun intended) their need for us, I realize that I can’t take chances to bond for granted.  This summer, I tried to be more aware of that than ever.  With only 6 years left until my oldest will be out the door for college, it felt like each board game we played, each bike ride we took and each chance that we had to bond together was even more important and worth cherishing.


3)  Find Perspective in Our Busy Days

As we watched the light change and felt the temperature cool during the eclipse, it almost felt like time stopped for a few minutes.  Very few cars were driving, the normal hum of life seemed muted, and confused crickets even chirped a few times.  It was almost as if the sun was reminding us of how small we are in this giant universe in which we live.  As much as we may be consumed with our practice schedules, work lives and back to school frenzy on a daily basis, the eclipse reminded us that the world is so much bigger than that.   Looking at our concerns through a broader sense of the world reveals that our daily struggles are minute in the big scheme of life.

A Different Perspective

4)  We Need More Unity

I think the biggest reason I felt peace going to bed Monday night was because for a brief couple of hours, it felt like our country was united around something.  Nobody was angry about his or her beliefs, their politics, their money, their personal issues or anything else.  Instead we were all united together with our family and friends getting to experience a unique sense of awe as we watched a beautiful dance of light and dark.  The eclipse was nothing we could control (although I did hear word of a TX mom who asked a local museum to reschedule the eclipse because they day didn’t work for her) and it was a refreshing change from all the other chaos that plagues our world.  It felt like just the poetic moment we all needed.

Unity…A Refreshing Change

So to all the Moms out there, go the extra mile on special days like these.  Beyond a shadow of a doubt, eclipses are worth the effort and they make memories that will be felt for a lifetime.  Your next chance; 2024!

Written by Jen Griswold

Do Your Jeans Still Fit…(What’s Holding You Back)?

Do Your Jeans Still Fit…

What’s Holding You Back?

Are your some day jeans holding you back?

Are Your “Some Day” Jeans Holding You Back?

By Angela Uebelacker

Part I

When it comes to the military community, transitioning is a concept we are all too familiar with.  We share common changes and experiences in the most unique ways but getting to this point can have its fair share of frustrations.  In fact, we often develop coping mechanisms and hold on to safety nets that help us through our transitions.  However, left unchecked, these can turn into the very roadblocks and excuses that prevent us from achieving new goals.

One thing I’ve discovered is that kids actually transition well when they have a safety net.  In fact, next month I’ll share how a water balloon helped my daughter overcome her fears of a new experience.  But… somewhere down the line as adults, we struggle with these.

Are you holding on to any safety nets that hold you back?

“Some Day Jeans”

Last week, I spent a day cleaning out my closet of a collection of jeans that no longer fit.  They’re my “I’ll fit back into these” jeans some day…YES, you all know the ones I’m talking about (and I bet you have some of your own).  I realized that over the years of becoming a mother and developing a busy schedule, I have softened up a bit in several aspects of my life.  And, like all of us out there…I’m working on my routine to incorporate healthier habits just SO THESE JEANS FIT.

Why the heck do we do this to ourselves?????

I actually have no desire to be the size jeans I used to be, I simply want to be a less fluffy version of my current self.  In fact, saving these jeans has been my safety net and excuse to how I’ve transitioned in life.  By continuing to allow the thought that they’ll fit again excuse my behaviors and choices.

As we transition, we are experiencing some things for the first time, so it’s not at all what we are used to.  This type of change creates a growth inside us that we never knew we were capable of.  These experiences show us strengths we never knew existed!!  We often create complications to what we face, whether it’s parenting, our careers, relocating, our education, or how we feel about ourselves (health, body, diet, etc.)…What I discovered is that as these degrees of life change us, why I went from my once smaller sized jean to what I am now, is because of these very things I have transitioned through.

Transition to Something Better

And as I continue to transition to these next phases of my life, I no longer want these old jeans to fit, I WANT A BRAND NEW PAIR once I reach my goal!!  A new pair of jeans that becomes the proof that I have changed, whether that consists of a healthier lifestyle, going after that amazing position, or signing up for that class…I want my transition to change into something better than what it was before, like a brand new pair of jeans!!  My closet will no longer contain the old pair of what I used to be, the pair that I have used for too long as roadblocks to every thing else I could have…NOPE, my closet will be free of the empty space that were once excuses or negatives experiences from these many transitions.  My closet will be ready for that new pair of jeans.

As we transition in life, we should all take a look into our closets.  Reduce and remove the old pair of jeans.  As we go through these phases in life, we must learn to adapt, grow, and accept who we have become and how much better we can be!!  These transitions come with many great lessons and many amazing triumphs and discoveries.  But if we notice that our closet is becoming too full of those old raggedy jeans, cleaning out the closet is something we have to do…so go throw out those old safety jeans, and make room for the brand new ones…YOU DESERVE IT and so does your closet!!

Written by Angela Uebelacker

Check back next month for Part II of What’s Holding You Back!

How to Make New Friends…

How to Make New Friends…

(and keep the old)

Make New Friends…and Keep The Old!

by Susan Brown

Who else is LOVING summer time? I know I am sure am!

However, as a business owner who works primarily online this can be a challenging season!  If you missed my tips on how to vacation like a rockstar, check out this post.

Today, I’ve got another great idea for you-are you ready?!  Let’s talk about…

Making new friends!  Yep, that’s right!  Anyone out there ever participate in girl scouts or know this fun childhood song:  “Make new friends, and keep the old, one is silver and the other gold.”

Well, if you are a business owner this should be your MOTTO!  Making friends everywhere you meet is a great go to strategy for enlarging your network and your reach!  Successful network marketing businesses are built on talking to people, both new and old!  So, why not use your vacation and travel this summer to do just that?  Here are my top tips to do it well.

How to Make Friends & Expand Your Network:

1).  Be GENUINE!

The LAST thing people you meet on the street, or in a restaurant, or by the pool, want is for you to hand them a business card and start selling them something!  GASP!  Please do not do this!  Rather, get to know people!  Strike up a conversation and get to know someone first, then talk about your business as it naturally comes up in conversation.

2).  Don’t Force Anything!

This is not a competition to see how many people you can get to buy something from you or to join your team or business.  Building relationships in business is a lot like dating.  Who wants to be asked crazy, off the wall questions on a first date?!  No one, I don’t think.  Take it slow and get to know a person first before you bring up business things!

3).  CONNECT!  

To me, social media is the new business card.  Rather than handing out cards, connect with new friends you meet while out and about on your favorite social media platform!  It’s a great way to stay connected and get to know each other more!

4).  Be Open to Opportunities!  

Meeting new people doesn’t just happen!  You have to be wiling to put yourself out there, strike up a conversation, and TALK!  You can’t do that hiding behind your phone, either.  Look up, smile, be confident, and find a point of connection!  Love someone’s bathing suit or sunglasses?  Ask them where they are from!  Love someone’s kayak?  Ask where they bought it or rented it from.  Little questions go a long way to making a new friend!

Use theses and you’ll be making new connections everywhere you go!

Written by Susan Brown

Drown Out The Noise: 3 Steps to Face Your Overwhelming Life

Drown Out The Noise:  

3 Steps to Face Your Overwhelming Life 

If you can’t fly…

By Angelina Stephens

What do you do when life gets so overwhelming, that you can feel things slipping between your fingers?

I’m talking about those times that your breath catches in the back of your throat when you try to actually think about everything on your “to do” list at once.  That feeling drives a reflex that can leave you grabbing at the corner of the closest rug to sweep as much as you can underneath.  Anything to get rid of that feeling.

The problem is, that reaction is like a painkiller.  It might make the feeling go away, but the underlying cause is still there, tripping you up when you try to walk to the other side of the room and forget about the pile growing underfoot.  No matter how hard we try, the only way to make the work feel less overwhelming is to start chipping away at the work.  And the only way to PRODUCTIVELY chip away at the work is to have a PLAN.


The busier I get, the more efficient I become.  To me, I feel like it’s a survival instinct kicking in.  When there’s time to surf the web, watch TV, or take naps, somehow you will find a way to kill 8 hours with YouTube, Shark Week, and intermittent naps to fill the gaps.  When life gets overwhelming and the boundaries of your day start to stretch at the seams, you start finding ways to make every second count toward the things that matter most.

Now I am by no means advocating the elimination of naps (God forbid, I have a 1-year old at home, if you have time for a nap…TAKE THE NAP!!!).  What I find, is that life comes with surges of efficient activity, and short periods of recovery.  When the surges of activity are so overwhelming they threaten efficiency by triggering the feeling I described above, you have to do something to get the train back on the tracks.  To do so requires a sound mind to triage the chaos that you’re facing, and the key is how you use the short periods of recovery…


Use Downtime to Recover

Whatever “recovery” from stress is to you, make time to do the things that recharge your body and mind.  Some people need a lack of activity to unwind…read a book…take a nap…sit on the porch with a cold beverage (or a hot one).  Others need a surge of endorphins to re-energize themselves…go on a hike…go dancing…jump out of a plane (with a well packed parachute).

I need a combination.  The down time is sometimes a physical necessity, but without the surge of endorphins to recharge my mind, I’m not the best version of myself going into the next round.  The key is knowing yourself, and putting yourself in the best position to attack your “to do” list, or overwhelming day…week…month.  If I don’t achieve the right balance in my weekend to both recharge my body and stimulate my mind, the whole week is affected.  With the right reset, I’m ready to face whatever chaos is waiting for me on Monday.


Take 30 Minutes to Plan

Sometimes the most overwhelming part of being overwhelmed, is forcing yourself to think about how overwhelmed you are.  To pull that pile back out in the open and face it.  But that pile doesn’t present itself in your mind like a neatly organized stack of papers.  That pile is messy.  And it is LOUD.  Each piece of the pile with a voice louder and more chaotic than the last.

Before you can face your overwhelming pile of stress, you have to set aside the TIME to organize it.  That happens during your recharge time.  I always schedule myself an hour every Sunday to plan the week ahead of me.  If I don’t force myself to dedicate that hour, the weekend passes and I’m winging it without priorities or a plan.

Once you dedicate the TIME…30 minutes, an hour…you have to set the stage to use it effectively.  For me, I have to literally drown out the noise in my head with louder NOISE.  A set of headphones, a strong beat, and a volume knob that will let me twist past the point where my phone warns me about hearing loss.  Add a snack and a beverage, and it’s game time.


Compartmentalize the Chaos with Boundaries & Priorities

The first step to actually ORGANIZING the chaos is reviewing your goals and obligations, and prioritizing them.  Don’t overthink it.  My list is Family, Air Force Job, Health (Physical, Mental & Spiritual), Business, Passions & Hobbies.  If I’m realistic about what ACTUALLY gets prioritized first, the Air Force job takes #1, because I can’t control the extent to which it consumes my life…those boundaries are written for me.

The next step is to start with your first priority, and literally draw the boundaries in your schedule that will be consumed by that priority.  I’m old school, and like taking pencil to paper when it comes to getting organized, so I open up my day planner and fill MOST of the space in my week with my Air Force Job, at least Monday through Friday.  Then I put my pencil down and take a nap.

Quite literally, I’m on an airplane right now, and in an effort to write about “Drowning out the Noise to Face Your Overwhelming Life” I fell asleep, typed some gibberish with a sleepy hand, and woke up to realize that I clearly didn’t effectively use my recover period last night while packing for this trip, and need a reset.  Let’s try this again.

Really, what happens most commonly, is you take one look at your #1 priority, and how fully it is going to consume your schedule, and it’s very hard to keep working down the list.  It feels “impossible.”  It seems like a waste of time.  But when you truly look at those other categories, can you really afford to skip PURPOSEFULLY scheduling some time to dedicate solely to nurturing those?  It’s NOT safe to assume that family and health are a given, and will just happen naturally in the time you have left.  That’s how families fall apart, and start to take each other for granted.  That’s how people have a baby, go back to work, and spend a year with a gym membership card around your neck that hasn’t been swiped to enter the gym since the day you paid for it (guilty).


I’m overusing that quote lately, but it may very well be the motto of my life for the last 13 years.  To keep moving on your list of goals and obligations, even at a crawl, you have to hold yourself accountable to them.

So now it’s time to pick up the pencil again, and physically block time for every category, at least once a week.  I actually write in the 30 minutes I spend with my son in the morning sharing toast and watching the cars go by before we all head to work/school.  That time is for HIM, not my business, not Facebook, just him.  I actually block the hour every evening I spend with my husband eating dinner and watching a show, because that’s OUR time, and I need the accountability to myself not to let other things creep into it.  Even if it’s a 30 minute sliver, I block time for exercise at least twice a week.  It’s a start, even if I’m not swiping into a gym, I’m forcing myself to set aside the time.

And for my business, I dedicate the time to spend at least once a week to build a strategy for success, and acknowledge the things that will be a challenge for me in the following week.  That allows me to ask for help if I need it, set realistic expectations for my team, and set aside the dedicated time to do my “must do” list, so that I don’t neglect those things that would be a detriment for me in the long run.

At a bare minimum, I’ve positively affected my top categories, and at least ONCE a week, I block time to dedicate to a passion or hobby in my recovery period, which serves a dual purpose to recharge my mind going into the next week.  Some weeks the slivers for everything else might be miniscule, but setting them aside completely threatens to leave them so far behind, they’re too hard to pick back up someday when I DO have the time.

All of a sudden, my mind feels quiet again.

Whenever it starts to feel overwhelming THIS week, pull out the planner, and focus on the goal that is blocked right NOW, and let the rest wait their turn.  You can’t do everything at once, even when everything seems to be banging at the door screaming in unison.  But you can do a LITTLE bit of everything each week, and fully dedicate your body and mind to each thing as it presents itself.  Life is much easier to manage with the knowledge that you spent that small bit of time compartmentalizing the chaos, without letting ANYTHING slip through your fingers.

Written by Angelina Stephens


Write Your Own Rules…Like a Renegade!

Are You A Renegade?

Are You Writing the Rules, Or Is a Renegade Doing It For You?

By Angela Uebelacker

It never crossed my mind that one day I would be an entrepreneur, let alone a business owner that would have the capability to work when I wanted, and wherever I wanted, using social media and Wi-Fi.

We live in a time where having a conversation in person or over the phone has evolved into text messages, or social media sites like Facebook and Twitter or even the ability to talk by video through FaceTime and Skype. And although we have come along way from dial up connections and answering machines, the pace that we find ourselves can be easily overwhelming.

My primary focus with my business is e-commerce and network marketing, and there is a lot to be learned! The process of owning a business or reaching your potential in a specific field has many similarities. For instance, you must continue to educate yourself, become the expert in your specialty, and discover how advances like social media can work for or against you.  Ultimately, these will determine how successful you can become.

Enough Isn’t Enough

My decision to enter into a business that focuses on network marketing and the use of social media was as much about having control over my own purpose as it was to have control over my time and life. As a military spouse our family moves often and although I have pursued and completed college degrees, it became harder and harder to establish longevity with a company as my spouse receives orders to relocate us every few years. School was almost impossible to complete. The main problem was knowing I wanted more, but fortunately for me, there are so many other people that want the same thing…And luckily for us, there are people that have shared their knowledge on how social media can be used to innovate our business or personal image with the rest of us; and how to accomplish this goal more successfully!!

Nowadays there are so many options available for home-based businesses and deciding which one fits right for you is a very individual answer. It all comes down to having a moment where enough is enough or quite frankly enough isn’t enough and taking that frightening first step to changing how you work for other people into how you work for yourself!

Use Social Media to Innovate


As I continued to pursue business, I began to realize there is a lot I didn’t know about how social media works or how to use it to work best for me and then I discovered a nice little treasure Renegades Write The Rules: How the Digital Royalty Use Social Media to INNOVATE, by Amy Jo Martin!! This amazing book had exactly what I had been Google searching for, for a long time, but finding many dead ends because it wasn’t “speaking my language” (I’m not a very tech-savvy person – AND it became really obvious). There is so much information available to help understand the social media wonderland, however this book helps to educate people on how to “use social media to INNOVATE”!!!

Amy Jo Martin’s goal is to help people just like you and me discover the best ways to innovate our brand or business using social media.  Social media is a presence with a fierce force of uncertainties however the journey doesn’t have to scare you…it can in fact empower and inspire you to delve into a part of society that is bridging the gap between what is the norm and how we all strive to actually be living!! We often live a life that we enjoy where every day, even a workday, is better than the day before. But owning a business in this social media world allows us to no longer look forward to PAID TIME OFF because our purpose has paid off and we are vacationing, working, living and not just learning more but teaching others what we know as well, thus making an impact and innovating our brands into something meaningful.

Ready To Get Your Renegade On?

An important question is asked in this book (and it is one that really helps you simplify your process): Are you a renegade? Luckily for you, if you can identify with any of the examples provided…well, you might just be a renegade!! So, that being said…if you have ever sat at your comfy desk job and had an outpouring amount of ideas that you could share, yet no one would actually consider them because they’re out of the norm, then You Are A Renegade…if you don’t have a “grand plan, but some basic inspiration,” then You Are A Renegade…if you’ve been asked to only choose two:

Work. Family. Self. 

and you struggled, then you are A Renegade!!! Amy Jo Martin states, “The renegade way is an unquenchable spirit of innovation that often springs from an unquenchable thirst for learning”…so if you find an inability to quench your thirst, then YOU ARE A RENEGADE!!

So, are you ready to get your renegade on?  There are 8 rules that will help you innovate your business or brand in the most meaningful way, a way that will guide your success to limitless measures. And just to be clear, success is not measured in monetary form…it’s measured by the relationships you build, and the amount of attention you gain, by being authentic, genuine, and personable!!  Here Are The Rules:

Renegade Rules:

Rule 1:  Be the Media – With a huge persona, getting to know this guy was the ticket to connecting with a larger audience…Guess who this Renegade is???

Rule 2:  Show Some Skin – Understand why “social media is not a marketing tool. You have to earn the right to sell something in the same way you earn the right to ask a friend a favor”.

Rule 3:  Unmask Your Motives – Connect while remaining authentic, and loyal to your brand or fans. Show some emotion!

Rule 4:  Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable – Find out how The Rock became comfortable blending his personal life with his professional life.

Rule 5:  Ask Forgiveness Rather Than Permission – Does your profession impact your person…and are you willing to allow that to cost you everything??

Rule 6:  Consensus Is the True Authority – How listening to your audience will build your brand!!

Rule 7:  There’s a New ROI in Town – “A measurement that combines the cold metrics traditionalists love with the warm metrics only social communication channels provide”.

Rule 8:  The Act of Good Can Be Scaled – How the connection of “doing business” and “doing good” can help to innovate and influence your brand.

Innovate . Empower . Grow

Write Your Rules

To innovate is one thing, but to empower growth and confidence along the way…that’s priceless. What doesn’t scare you or kill you as they say…makes you stronger or more prepared. And as we continue to find ways to innovate ourselves, even using social media we will discover the amazing talents and ideas hidden deep inside. Using opportunities to learn, grow, and teach others are how we can all become a more empowering force or brand. It’s not an easy way of doing business, but it is possible with the right knowledge, and help. It’s about taking control, and quite frankly being held accountable for what we put out there. It’s time to check in, and ask yourself if you’re writing the rules, or if a renegade is doing it for you?

I encourage you to get your hands on this book, and to check out Listen to her Podcasts, read her blog, and check out all of her amazing speeches…Amy Jo Martin will empower and inspire you to write the rules and become a true renegade!!

Written by Angela Uebelacker