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Write Your Own Rules…Like a Renegade!

Are You A Renegade?

Are You Writing the Rules, Or Is a Renegade Doing It For You?

By Angela Uebelacker

It never crossed my mind that one day I would be an entrepreneur, let alone a business owner that would have the capability to work when I wanted, and wherever I wanted, using social media and Wi-Fi.

We live in a time where having a conversation in person or over the phone has evolved into text messages, or social media sites like Facebook and Twitter or even the ability to talk by video through FaceTime and Skype. And although we have come along way from dial up connections and answering machines, the pace that we find ourselves can be easily overwhelming.

My primary focus with my business is e-commerce and network marketing, and there is a lot to be learned! The process of owning a business or reaching your potential in a specific field has many similarities. For instance, you must continue to educate yourself, become the expert in your specialty, and discover how advances like social media can work for or against you.  Ultimately, these will determine how successful you can become.

Enough Isn’t Enough

My decision to enter into a business that focuses on network marketing and the use of social media was as much about having control over my own purpose as it was to have control over my time and life. As a military spouse our family moves often and although I have pursued and completed college degrees, it became harder and harder to establish longevity with a company as my spouse receives orders to relocate us every few years. School was almost impossible to complete. The main problem was knowing I wanted more, but fortunately for me, there are so many other people that want the same thing…And luckily for us, there are people that have shared their knowledge on how social media can be used to innovate our business or personal image with the rest of us; and how to accomplish this goal more successfully!!

Nowadays there are so many options available for home-based businesses and deciding which one fits right for you is a very individual answer. It all comes down to having a moment where enough is enough or quite frankly enough isn’t enough and taking that frightening first step to changing how you work for other people into how you work for yourself!

Use Social Media to Innovate


As I continued to pursue business, I began to realize there is a lot I didn’t know about how social media works or how to use it to work best for me and then I discovered a nice little treasure Renegades Write The Rules: How the Digital Royalty Use Social Media to INNOVATE, by Amy Jo Martin!! This amazing book had exactly what I had been Google searching for, for a long time, but finding many dead ends because it wasn’t “speaking my language” (I’m not a very tech-savvy person – AND it became really obvious). There is so much information available to help understand the social media wonderland, however this book helps to educate people on how to “use social media to INNOVATE”!!!

Amy Jo Martin’s goal is to help people just like you and me discover the best ways to innovate our brand or business using social media.  Social media is a presence with a fierce force of uncertainties however the journey doesn’t have to scare you…it can in fact empower and inspire you to delve into a part of society that is bridging the gap between what is the norm and how we all strive to actually be living!! We often live a life that we enjoy where every day, even a workday, is better than the day before. But owning a business in this social media world allows us to no longer look forward to PAID TIME OFF because our purpose has paid off and we are vacationing, working, living and not just learning more but teaching others what we know as well, thus making an impact and innovating our brands into something meaningful.

Ready To Get Your Renegade On?

An important question is asked in this book (and it is one that really helps you simplify your process): Are you a renegade? Luckily for you, if you can identify with any of the examples provided…well, you might just be a renegade!! So, that being said…if you have ever sat at your comfy desk job and had an outpouring amount of ideas that you could share, yet no one would actually consider them because they’re out of the norm, then You Are A Renegade…if you don’t have a “grand plan, but some basic inspiration,” then You Are A Renegade…if you’ve been asked to only choose two:

Work. Family. Self. 

and you struggled, then you are A Renegade!!! Amy Jo Martin states, “The renegade way is an unquenchable spirit of innovation that often springs from an unquenchable thirst for learning”…so if you find an inability to quench your thirst, then YOU ARE A RENEGADE!!

So, are you ready to get your renegade on?  There are 8 rules that will help you innovate your business or brand in the most meaningful way, a way that will guide your success to limitless measures. And just to be clear, success is not measured in monetary form…it’s measured by the relationships you build, and the amount of attention you gain, by being authentic, genuine, and personable!!  Here Are The Rules:

Renegade Rules:

Rule 1:  Be the Media – With a huge persona, getting to know this guy was the ticket to connecting with a larger audience…Guess who this Renegade is???

Rule 2:  Show Some Skin – Understand why “social media is not a marketing tool. You have to earn the right to sell something in the same way you earn the right to ask a friend a favor”.

Rule 3:  Unmask Your Motives – Connect while remaining authentic, and loyal to your brand or fans. Show some emotion!

Rule 4:  Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable – Find out how The Rock became comfortable blending his personal life with his professional life.

Rule 5:  Ask Forgiveness Rather Than Permission – Does your profession impact your person…and are you willing to allow that to cost you everything??

Rule 6:  Consensus Is the True Authority – How listening to your audience will build your brand!!

Rule 7:  There’s a New ROI in Town – “A measurement that combines the cold metrics traditionalists love with the warm metrics only social communication channels provide”.

Rule 8:  The Act of Good Can Be Scaled – How the connection of “doing business” and “doing good” can help to innovate and influence your brand.

Innovate . Empower . Grow

Write Your Rules

To innovate is one thing, but to empower growth and confidence along the way…that’s priceless. What doesn’t scare you or kill you as they say…makes you stronger or more prepared. And as we continue to find ways to innovate ourselves, even using social media we will discover the amazing talents and ideas hidden deep inside. Using opportunities to learn, grow, and teach others are how we can all become a more empowering force or brand. It’s not an easy way of doing business, but it is possible with the right knowledge, and help. It’s about taking control, and quite frankly being held accountable for what we put out there. It’s time to check in, and ask yourself if you’re writing the rules, or if a renegade is doing it for you?

I encourage you to get your hands on this book, and to check out Listen to her Podcasts, read her blog, and check out all of her amazing speeches…Amy Jo Martin will empower and inspire you to write the rules and become a true renegade!!

Written by Angela Uebelacker

Mission Entrepreneur

Mission Entrepreneur


Applying Lessons from Military Life to Create Success in Business Startups!

I am beyond thrilled to share my latest project with you!

As a military spouse, veteran, entrepreneur (and now author!), I’ve always been inspired by amazing stories of military families who’ve overcome obstacles and succeeded in starting a business.  So I decided to write these (and my own) stories down.  However, as I was writing this book, I discovered that these lessons aren’t only about business…they tell a story of resilience, perseverance, and giving that applies to everyone.

So, whether you’re looking to launch your next great startup idea, you’re already a business professional, you’re a community leader, veteran, or military spouse, or maybe you’re just looking for a little inspiration, check out “Mission Entrepreneur” and discover how you can apply lessons from military life to succeed in your next venture!

Download your free chapter, “How to Overcome Your Fears Like a Navy Seal,” and become a 4-Star member of the tribe by clicking here!

And if you’re ready for more, pick up a copy (at limited pre-order pricing) at Amazon.


This has truly been a labor of love and I am incredibly grateful for your support!

All proceeds go back to supporting the military community!  


Why My Best Epiphanies Happen at 30,000 ft

By Jen Griswold

I am currently in one of my favorite “thinking places” at 30,000 feet on a cross-country trip from DC to LA to see family.  I always say my most brilliant ideas and motivation occur in the shower or on an airplane and I think it’s because I have so little distraction without wi-fi and the everyday constant stream of texts and social media distractions.

As it usually does, in the time between the cheesy airline introductory video and the “you’re free to roam about the cabin” announcement, I made a poignant self-discovery.  I realized that I perform at my best as a leader, coach and entrepreneur when I am gaining new ideas and sources of information by reading good books.  When I am lacking for ideas or I feel like I’m in a slump, it’s time to hit the books!

When it comes to what books to choose, I am a self-proclaimed, “self-help book junky.”  I could read about things like leadership, performance, and motivation strategies for days on end.  But you’ll never find me reading a novel.  In fact, I think the last fiction author I ever really followed was John Grisham during the height of his popularity, so that tells you how long ago I ditched fiction.  I’m more of a non-fiction kind of girl.  They are my jam.

Books are Always the Cure

So, I guess you could say that books are my drug of choice.  No matter what, they are always the cure.  When I crack a book (especially if it’s on an airplane) a different part of my brain opens up and the impact of the feelings of disconnection and overload seem to fade.  New ideas spark new energy and a new mindset.  And somehow, they trump everything else that had previously been weighing on my mind.

Lately, I’ve been on a quest to figure out why I’ve been in the midst of what I would call a “mental funk” in my business.  So today I turned to my tried and true page-turning technique to find the cure.  I’m currently reading, “Shine” by Edward M. Hallowell, MD, and in it the author talks about how easily people fall into phases where they fall out of love with their work.  Usually it’s for one of two main reasons:  1)  disconnection and 2) overload.

I would have to agree.  Most often when I feel the most resentful about my business it’s because 1) I feel disconnected to the human elements of what I do (which is my favorite part) or 2) I feel overwhelmed and overloaded by an insurmountable number of tasks and requests from others.

A Discovery that Stuck

Hallowell makes a surprising and ironic realization that really stuck with me:

“Ironically, the most difficult work can be avoided in today’s crazy-busy world simply by staying busy…..people avoid thinking by being too busy to think.  They dodge the hard work of developing something new by responding to a thousand emails or text messages a day instead.  They deceive themselves into believing they are working productively, when in fact, they are merely processing messages.”

This statement really hit home.  Isn’t this the truth for so many of us?  In my business which includes a very “social” element to it I get an average of 30 emails, 50+ texts, and numerous social media interactions per day.  That, in of itself is a full-time job’s worth of “work” to keep up with.  But I also have lots of other things I need to create, manage, and inspire and when I’m always “just keeping up” with administrative items I don’t have much left to give to develop new progress.  I’m guessing you’re probably nodding your head right now realizing you’re a victim to the same kind of administrative hamster wheel?!

So how do we combat these evil states and get back to being happy and productive?

5-Steps to Get Back to Happy & Productive

Hallowell suggests his 5-step technique that combines both brain science with performance research.

His technique forces you to do some significant self-evaluation:

  • Select

Ask yourself if you’re doing work that lights you up?

Are you good at it?

Do you like what you’re working on?

And do you feel like you can add value?

  • Connect

Find moments to connect with others everyday.

Ask questions of those around you.

Do something nice for someone and enjoy the feeling of connectedness it brings you.  Plan your meetings face-to-face rather than on the phone if possible.

  • Play

Discover ways to engage the creative parts of your brain on a daily basis.

Encourage innovation and new ideas without judgment.

Brainstorm ways to improve using open-ended questions.

Find opportunities to have fun while you work!

  • Grapple and Grow

Don’t let pride get in the way of tackling the issues that prevent you from being at your best and asking for feedback.

Sometimes the act of just talking out loud and ping-ponging things back and forth with another colleague can provide newfound energy and ways to get better.

  • Shine

We all glow when someone compliments us on a job well done.

Find ways to authentically recognize people for the great things they are doing.

As I reflect on why I feel so disconnected from my business right now, I realize that I have severely reduced my human interaction points over the last 6 months because I have been writing my own book (Mission Entrepreneur:  Applying Lessons from Military Life to Create Success in Business Startups)!  In doing so, I thought I would be much more productive because I was getting some extra time back, but what I actually did was removed the part of my business that brings me the most energy and joy.  When I combine that with the fact that I use every extra waking moment to respond to the constant load of emails, texts and social media requirements it’s no wonder I lost my way.  After getting this much-needed time to reflect, I realize I was very deficient in the “connect” and “shine” categories.  I will be making some changes in the way I prioritize administrative tasks so I can get back to what fills my tank; people!

So, if you are struggling to find what’s ailing you, I recommend a trip to or your local library (books are CD are great for when you’re in the car and running kids around).  There is something magical that happens when you have a little quiet space, some words on a page, and time to delve into your own brilliant mind!

To give you that extra little nudge, here are a few of the other books at the top of my summer reading list…..happy reading!

  • The Little Book of Talent by Daniel Coyle (I’m listening to this in the car and my kids even like it)
  • Boss Life by Paul Downs
  • Bounce by Matthew Syed
  • Originals by Adam Grant (really loving this one)

So, get lost in a great book and leave us a comment to share what you discover!

Written by Jen Griswold

Independence & the Freedom to Chase YOUR American Dream

Independence Day

By Angelina Stephens

What does the American dream represent for you?  One word…close your eyes…what is the first word that comes to mind?

Mine is FREEDOM.  The American dream is the freedom to explore our passions.  Freedom to make something of nothing.  Freedom to break free of limited means and change the world.

The American dream is NOT materialistic…it is NOT about money.

Or is it?


These days, I feel like it’s all I can do to crawl.  Some days, it feels like the only way to move forward at all is to set dreams and passions aside under the weight of responsibility and stability.  The problem is, without ANY forward momentum in the first 20 years of your adult life, dreams are often too distant to dust back off and convert to goals that late in the game.  What terrifies me is the thought of pulling a list of my non-military life dreams out of a pocket to realize that none of them are achievable anymore because I waited too long to start moving.

I would argue that you shouldn’t set ANYTHING aside.  If you look back at your dream sheet, at the things that light a fire inside of you, and it’s there…you HAVE TO do it.  Even if it’s the slowest crawl you’ve ever done.

Here’s why.






Only one of these things is a regular part of my life right now, and it’s because I was blessed with the opportunity to write this blog.  Not just the opportunity, but the ACCOUNTABILITY to someone else to write this blog.  Because left to my own devices, everything that made my list of life passions, and all of my hobbies, are standing still.

It’s time to start crawling.

I used to grab a basketball and shoot around and do ball drills every morning at the gym.  It was a 10 minute habit that became a ritual.  Throw in an earbud and the world around me disappeared, and some little corner of my mind came to life.

Smallest Step

I used to put on a set of headphones and sit down at the electronic drumset my husband got me for Christmas one year and pretend I was on tour with AC/DC, or BB King.  The sound reverberated through the sticks, into my arms, the world disappeared, and another tiny corner of my mind lit up.

I used to throw on a pair of shoes and run every time my life felt overwhelmed, or scared, or tired, or frustrated, and those feelings were replaced by something calm, and the corners of my mind that had grown dark, grew brighter.

And if I pulled myself up onto the back of a horse and let ‘er rip, there wasn’t a dark corner to be found.

When we let our lives get overwhelmed by the big things, it’s so EASY to tuck the little things away in a dark drawer.  Less should be EASIER.  Less overwhelming.  Less scary.  Less tiring.  Less frustrating.

The problem is, less is not more.  I like to think of my mind as a bunch of tiny compartments.  There is no one thing that lights them all up at once.  But as the glow from one corner creeps into the one next to it, my life feels more fulfilled, more productive…I feel MORE FREE to explore those compartments that I thought were long lost to the darkness.

So how on earth does this translate to business?  Or fitting a basketball, running shoes, a notebook, a drumset, and a horse into my gym bag on the way to the 12-hour job before coming home to the baby and husband, hoping to catch a few hours sleep before starting it all over again the next day?


Whoever says money doesn’t buy happiness is in denial. Money may not buy happiness, but financial freedom does. In a world where money can either set us free or tie our hands behind our backs, financial freedom allows us to pursue our dreams, while financial limitations force us into a life that sustains us instead of a life that inspires us.

Because of money, the older we get the smaller our dreams get. We all start out with grand visions of the future. At some point, we find ourselves looking back on our childhood hopes and dreams like we were just silly kids coming up with crazy stuff to do some day, before the real world came along and grounded us to “responsibility.” That reaction is just a way to justify the fact that at some point, we decided those dreams were either beyond our means, or there just wasn’t room in our lives, and they just faded away.

I still consider myself to be a dreamer, but when I look at myself in the mirror, I see someone who tucked away every little dream that came along and put it away in a “someday” box.  Over the years, each passion in the box collected layers of dust, and deep down, I know that I’m not working towards them anymore. Some of them aren’t physically possible (I am running out of Olympic sports that my knees could handle).  Most of the time, the truth is that we limit ourselves by deciding that they’re not financially possible. They’re too high risk, would take up too much time, or would be too much of a leap of faith without a safety net for our family.  All of these reasons are constraints limited by our responsibility to create financial stability.


How many people reach the end of their lives and can say they even attempted to achieve their life dreams?  What would they have done if there were no financial limitations, or if they could find stability that also granted them freedom to manage their time?   I would venture to say that almost everyone settles, and that the main reason they have to is money. We’re willing to work so hard to make ends meet, to keep our family safe, to keep our family fed and clothed and to sustain ourselves. What if we could work just a little bit harder to strip away those limitations?  And then what if we could work a lot smarter and walk away from the hard work that we tie to “responsibility” and “stability,” putting the same level of effort toward living the lives we dream of?  Given the freedom to explore your passions, how would you CHOOSE to spend your time?

Tip Toe

Financial freedom is the key to exploring life’s passions.  Finding a way to achieve that financial freedom may be more work, more overwhelming (for a little while), more scary (at least at first).  It will be HARDER at first.  But achieving that freedom is the key to a life that is filled with MORE passion, MORE excitement, MORE fulfillment.

Money may not buy happiness, but financial freedom could buy the chance to explore our American dreams. I don’t know about you, but I would love to look back someday and at least say I tried, instead of convincing myself that the “someday” dreams I tucked away were just silly kid fantasies, not worth my time as a responsible adult.

What does Freedom mean to you?  Go take the first step and have fun chasing your American Dream!

Written by Angelina Stephens


5 Ways to Survive Summer Break (and keep your sanity)!

Written by Risa Riepma

What kids dream about for summer vacation

A Kid’s View of Summer

It’s Summer…Are You Ready?

I am not sure about you, but the countdown to the last day of school has been in effect for several weeks in my house. For me, the end of school means that not only will my 3 kiddos be spending more time at home with me, but also my husband who is a school counselor.  Despite the fact that my family has had summer break off for over a decade, this summer will be much different.

Last year I left my full time job to grow my virtual business and be a work-from-home-mom (WFHM). YAYYYYYY!

While summer break may mean setting aside the kids’ backpacks and homework, it does not necessarily mean that life slows down. If you have kids and depending on what their summertime activities looks like, your daily schedule is going to looks different and go through a bit of a transition. If you’re used to being in charge of your schedule during the day, it’s time to roll with the punches and be flexible. It may be time to come up with a new daily and weekly schedule. Many home business owners will argue that business slows down in summer months but when this happens, it’s more a result of less income producing activity vs customers having tighter purse strings.

Pay attention to these tips to help your business continue to grow (and help maintain your sanity this summer)!

5 Easy Tips to Survive Your Summer Break:

Tips that Make Life Better

Tips that Make Life Better

1) Plan Your Week Each Sunday

Sitting down with your calendar/planner and your family’s list of activities and plan for income producing activity (IPA) each Sunday will help you be PROACTIVE vs REACTIVE.

I don’t know about you, but having to fit in an unexpected event in an already full day, makes me a bit grumpy. If it means certain activities have to be skipped (because after all, none of us have a clone), then don’t be afraid to politely excuse yourself so that you don’t over-commit.

2) Establish and Stick to “Hours of Operation” For Your Business

Most of us have heard the term “hours of operation” and it sounds wonderful in theory but sticking to set hours that you will do your best to minimize distractions and focus on engaging in IPA takes a conscious effort and PRACTICE! I’ve been practicing this for over 2 years and I still feel like I fall short. As always, recognizing those activities that are time wasters will be key to making the time you do spend, the most productive.

This is especially true in the summer.

It’s important to set hours of operation, whether it is 1 hour/day or more or two 30 min blocks of time each day.  Letting your family know this is “mom’s alone time to work” will keep frustration at bay for you and your summertime rugrats, I mean children. On the flip side to this, doing your best to not be glued to your phone or laptop outside your set hours of operation is just as important. Your family deserves your undivided attention and no one wants to look back at the end of summer break and wish they had spent more time splashing in the pool with their kids.

Remember: daily homework and early bedtimes are just around the corner.

3) Make the Most of Meeting New People and Friends

Summer break + family vacations + new activities = new opportunities to make new friends and share your business!

Whether we are holding more events to share our business, hopping on a plane to visit out of state family, hanging out at our neighborhood pool, or spending more time in playdates, we are going to be surrounded by new people. Being approachable, friendly, and ready to share our products and story can do amazing things for our business. This is especially true during the summer months when we are meeting new people left and right.

One thing I’ve found to be helpful at the end of the initial conversation is asking them right away if they would like to stay connected on Facebook or email. Developing organic friendships where we can be our genuine self and gain others’ trust goes a long way in inspiring others to join us in business as customers and business partners.

4) Set Goals for Your Business and Be Accountable

While June-Aug probably means your kids are putting their feet up more but this shouldn’t be you! Setting BIG goals this summer for your business and not stopping until you reach them will launch your personal business and team to the next level. Finding an accountability partner and someone you can connect with each week to discuss IPA, things that are going well, and areas you need to improve, can help you reach your goals.

Remember: focus on action oriented activities and track weekly stats.

5) Take Time for Yourself

Finding some alone time each week to re-energize and refocus is so important. Life can get a little crazy with all the the moving parts and things we need to juggle during the summer to keep our households running smoothly.

What helps me manage stress is making sure I start each day with a grateful heart. Then, I need to get my workouts in at least 3-4 times/week. I schedule them early in the day so that there is less of a chance that other commitments get in the way.

Remember: Whether it is reading, doing yoga, or whatever your outlet may be, make sure to schedule that in your weekly to-do list. You’ll feel better, have more energy, and be more productive.

Being flexible and able to adapt to the changes that summer break brings is what helps us grow and find happiness. Cheers to a fun summer full of family, smiles, personal and professional growth, and SPF!

Written By Risa Riepma

Even Super Heroes Deserve a Day Off!

We salute mother's

Mothers…the 1st Super Heroes

by Angela Uebelacker

Mom’s…The First Real Super Heroes

Gosh…to think about what I wanted to say to all you mothers, in celebration of your amazing Super Hero powers has really been difficult.  By no means am I perfect, or close to winning the ‘Mom of the Year’ award, but I fear there is too much worry and pressure where this thought is concerned.  Now, don’t get me wrong, because we as humans are not perfect (and there are mothers out there that simply shouldn’t be blessed with this role)…but, for everyone else, all of you…GIVE YOURSELF A BREAK!!!

This time of year, or day, is about the celebration of Mothers.  A special day to really highlight all of your amazing qualities and characteristics, and amazing abilities to do everything, be everywhere, produce multiple limbs for holding everything…YOU NAME IT, we do it all!!!  And although this day counts, and we appreciate the love, gifts, cards, and thought that goes into this day…we’re absolutely fine with even a few quiet hours to ourselves…CHA-CHING talk about winning the ultimate pot o’gold HAHAHA.

Embrace Your Many Roles

We love all of the wonderful people that raise us up on this day (in fact, we deserve to be celebrated every single day)!!!  As a mother, we have many roles.  We are students; we have goals, dreams, careers, aspirations…we are smart, driven, empowering, and not perfect!  We want to give, serve, grow, and live.  We want to enjoy life, rock our messy buns, embrace our worn out sweatpants, and every now and then SKIP THE GYM!!!  There shouldn’t be so much emphasis on what we’re feeding our kids, our focus should be on the quality time we’re spending with them, and teaching them morals and manners that will help them grow into decent human beings.

Our kids are watching every single thing that we are doing and not doing for that matter, and they recognize the stress, aggravation, and overwhelming schedule we have created for ourselves…let alone them!!  Yes, activities are important and so is eating a balanced healthy meal, or simply sitting down at the table together with no ELECTRONIC devices!!  So, give yourself permission to embrace the moment…play outside, get dirty, and live life!

Hang Up Your Cape…(for just a moment)

We take on so much as mothers, and you know what…I LOVE IT, TOO!!!  All the chaos!!!  But, we have to remember every day that it is okay to not always be on!!  Whether you’re an entrepreneur, stay at home mother, nurse, teacher, or volunteer, your role is significant!!  You impact people every single day…and you should be so very proud!!  It’s not an easy role, and WE LOVE IT unconditionally, but we also owe ourselves a bit of a break every once in a while!!

If you are not perfect today, you most certainly won’t be tomorrow either…and you know what????…IT DOESN’T MATTER!!!  You will always have Super Hero powers no matter how tall you stand, or how far you fall…and WE applaud you…the genuine, hardworking, loving, dedicated mother, but most importantly we applaud you, JUST THE WAY YOU ARE!!!

Happy Mother’s Day…Today and Every Day!

Written by Angela Uebelacker

Are You Building Your Business Online The Right Way?

Raise your hand if you are building a business online?

Awesome!  You have locked into the power of the e-commerce world, and let me tell you, it’s a huge opportunity!  Thousands of people sign up daily within various direct selling and marketing opportunities!  The internet allows you to connect with billions of people across the globe.  Literally a world of opportunity and connections are at your fingertips, but the question remains – are you using this opportunity correctly?

I watch it daily on my social media feeds – various consultants and network marketing affiliates spamming their network with “join me, join me”, desperate pleas for people to buy their products or join their team.  Don’t get me wrong, that used to be me, until I locked in on the bigger picture and the real foundation needed to build a thriving network marketing business!

What Distinguishes You

What most people fail to understand is that there are literally THOUSANDS of great opportunities out there, and within each of those there are THOUSANDS of people sharing those same great products.  What distinguishes you from others is not your number of posts per day, contacts on your phone, or followers on your feeds.  What really gives you the ability to connect and GROW is YOU!

The average person out there isn’t looking to join a company, they are looking to join a person!  People don’t want to browse your page and continuously see copy and paste type posts with yet another results picture of a complete stranger you don’t even know!  They want to see YOU!  They want to hear from YOU.  Why do you love what you do?  How do you use your opportunity in your busy days?  How have the products helped enhance your day-to-day life?   You have to make it personal!

Your Brand

What so many online marketers don’t do is brand themselves and focus on building relationships.  These two things are VITAL for success!   These days’ people want REAL.  They don’t want to be sold to, they don’t want to be bothered, and they don’t want to hear a bunch of jargon.  They want real, authentic, down to earth people that are just like them.  You don’t need a shiny, perfectly packaged success story.  Actually, you need quite the opposite.  If you are seen as “perfect”, who will want to connect with you?  Not many people!  Be yourself always!

The more real and relatable you are, the more people you will attract.  The more you take time to get to know a person FIRST before you share your product or opportunity, the more sales you will make!  I guarantee it.

So, go out there and really take a hard look at how you are building!  Ask yourself tough questions.  Look at your social media feeds.  Are you giving people valuable content?  Sharing your heart?  Showing your REAL life?  You don’t have to be Pinterest perfect, just real and authentic.

I challenge you to put yourself out there and focus on building relationships first.  Watch the gold that will follow!  You won’t regret it!

Written by Susan Brown

Use Your Superstitions To Reach Your Greatest Achievements!

Hi.  My name is Angelina, and I’m a superstitious, Irish-Italian American.  My husband tells me that my superstitious habits might be a tiny bit obsessive relative to MOST people (he may be right…but he doesn’t have social media to see me admit it).

Yes You Can

Knock On Wood

I do a lot of knocking on wood (three times, don’t ask me why).  Green on St Patty’s day…of course.  And when my military uniform evolved and no longer had green in the pattern…I may or may not have invested in green underwear so that I was covered if it was on a weekday.  When I played sports growing up, my superstition took on a life of its own.  Every game or meet had a ritual.  Shoes tied and retied.  Same bathroom stall.  Same hat, left in the same place by the bleachers while the race was run.  Lucky numbers.  Lucky sweatshirt.  Lucky socks.  When I played basketball, I became very superstitious about music.  Our team had the same warmup CD for years…to this day, when I hear “The Final Countdown,” I want to rip off my breakaway pants and start running laps around the room.  Almost 20 years later, another “big game” made me realize how important my superstitious quirks were to every great achievement in my life…they were the answer whenever the word “can’t” tried to work its way into my life.

Superstitions Lead to Life’s Greatest Achievements

When I found out I was pregnant with our son, now 8 months old, my superstitious habits kicked into high gear.  We were afraid.  Pregnancy wasn’t easy for us…getting pregnant, staying pregnant…not always as easy as some people make it sound.  I worried a lot.  Whenever I would start to worry, I would put my full library of music on shuffle and divide songs into playlists.  Whenever I heard a song that made me want to jump out of my seat and put the world on my shoulders, it made the elusive Push Playlist.  I was sure that the songs on that list would be the only thing that would motivate me to move that little kicking watermelon where it needed to go at game time.  When the time came, my failure to designate a DJ for the big event meant that we never transitioned to the Push Playlist, resulting in some funny looks from the crowd of medical students who had tickets to the show (I’m pretty sure I heard Shock the Monkey from Peter Gabriel through my own screams…welcome to the world little guy).

I digress, back to the music that SHOULD have been playing.  Michael Jackson, Metallica, Queen, the entire Rocky soundtrack, and obviously…The Final Countdown.  Each song, each beat, is a positive trigger.  Those songs got me through marathons, breakups, basketball tryouts, cruel words, and lost loved ones.  Each positive trigger transformed an experience that could have sent me in a very different direction when something blocked my path.  Those triggers knocked out the dust and provided clarity when the noise of life was too much.  They provided just the right push when the word “can’t” started to creep in.  Can’t is not an option.  Saying can’t is a decision not to try. 

Use Superstitions to Propel Past Challenges

Instead of going around a problem, those superstitious triggers propelled me forward, through the negative barrier, to become stronger out the back end.  Now, every negative experience brings a conditioned response.  My hand impulsively reaches to knock on a wooden door, and deep down, a little voice whispers JUST. KEEP. MOVING.  I hear the first notes of the right song, and a little voice sings it WILL get better…You CAN do it…You WILL prove them wrong!

I know what you’re thinking.  I can’t just throw salt over my shoulder and knock my way to success.  Success is hard work.  Blood, sweat, tears…no pain, no gain…etc, etc, etc.

No kidding.

Hard work is the key to everything.  Physical, mental, and emotional strengths are all forged with hard work.  NOTHING is possible without hard work, but hard work can only get you so far.  On the surface, I relied on luck and superstition to get me through the toughest times in my life.  A song.  A pair of socks.  A wooden door.  What I realized when life REALLY got tough, is that each quirky superstition prepared me for the moments when hard work wasn’t enough.

Triggers For Success

The real key to success is resiliency:  the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties; toughness.  The ability to push through the times when you’re emotionally beat down…by others or yourself.  To buckle down when obstacles are in your way and the solution requires more than just more hard work.  We are conditioned to react to triggers, positive and negative. Over the years, every superstition I placed in my bag of tricks became a positive trigger to snap my focus back to the task at hand.

Life brings challenges that put you at a crossroad.  Either find a way to quickly wipe the doubt from your mind and get back to the path you are set on, or find yourself settling for a lesser path.  So whether I’m doing the top half of the Thriller dance in the car, or quietly tapping on a doorway, you can bet that whatever is on the other side is worth it.  When someone else’s words plant the idea that you can’t…Three Knocks Say: YES. YOU. CAN.

What gets you putting one foot in front of the other when hard work isn’t enough?

Written by Angelina Stephens

Grow A Business You Love…Discover Your Why

Part II

Discover Your Why

So what’s next?  In Part I, you thought about and reflected upon growing a business you love and what that means to you.  Maybe you even already HAVE a business you love, so what’s the next step?

Discover Your Mission

To me, it’s finding the MISSION in what you love.  The reason WHY is the gateway to digging into that mission.  The mission is the journey, the process, the challenge, and the journey you embark on to get you to that place of true love.

Let me tell you a story of what this mission meant for me.  About 2 years ago I found myself in a tough spot.  I was a new mom who was back at work after a maternity leave that seemed to fly by.  I was teaching, but I was also an entrepreneur.  I was passionate about my business, but I had hit a giant roadblock.  I was exhausted, back in a chaotic class of children I needed to teach while I somehow finding time to pump (yay breastfeeding), plan, go to meetings, cook dinner, take care of my family, and still grow my business.  No big deal, right?

Embrace What Your Heart Is Saying

I fell flat on my face.  You see, beyond just the schedule struggles, I was sad.  I was frustrated I didn’t have more time to grow my business and even more frustrated because I wanted to be with my baby boy more than anything else in the world.  I cried every day dropping him off with his babysitter.  My heart ached to watch him grow and play and never miss a moment.

This is where my mission became fully realized.  I knew I had a chance to use this newfound reason why to really dig deep.  Just like always, it wasn’t going to be easy, but I just knew what I had to do.

A. P. J. Abdul Kalam

It was time to go after my dream.  I was on a mission to grow my business no matter what it took.  I stayed up late, woke up early, and used my headphones to make calls on my commute.  Whatever it took, I did it.  You know what?  That paid off.  I was able to replace my income and leave my job to fulfill my dream of being a stay at home mom!

Accept that Your Mission May Change

What changed?  I had that business before my son was born.  The MISSION changed.  The WHY behind that mission changed.  Once my vision became crystal clear and my purpose fully developed, I was able to fully commit and take action to help me grow.  The love grew deeper, the emotional ties stronger, and the commitment deeper.

Whatever you are doing in life, realizing your true purpose will help you fall even more in love.  I guarantee it!

Finding Your Why

Having trouble pin pointing your why?  I encourage you to examine your heart.  Take a long walk.  Sit with pen and paper.  Ask yourself tough questions.  What do I really want?  Why am I here?  In 50 years, will I be happy with how I’m spending my days?  What do I want my legacy to be?

You may have to ask these questions time and time again, but if you trust your heart, the answers will come and so will the mission!

Written by Susan Brown

Get Over Your Damn Self!

Romi Neustadt

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