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Turn Fear Into Opportunity (What’s Holding You Back?)

Turn Fear Into Opportunity

What’s Holding You Back?

Turn Fear into Fun

Part II

By Angela Uebelacker

Last month, I shared a personal discovery…that by purging old jeans that no longer fit, I am better prepared to reach new goals!  If you missed it, you can check it out here.

While I did actually liberate myself from my old jeans (and it felt amazing), jeans are just a metaphor for change. As adults, we sometimes hold on a bit too tight to a memory or feeling, which prevents us from stepping out of a comfort zone.  In fact, fear of change can hinder us from embracing the wonderful opportunities that change often brings.

I recently learned a valuable lesson about adapting to change from a child’s perspective…here’s my daughter’s story:

Resiliency of a Child

Not long ago, my daughter and I attended a birthday party.

Over the years my daughter has had a difficult time being social with other kids (until right before we leave, of course, and then she’s the life of the party). So, as all good moms do, I reminded her that she would be meeting kids that she had never played with before and that this was an opportunity to get to know new people and make new connections. I reminded her to say hello, introduce herself, ask the other kids their names, and to not hide behind me as she often does.

The party consisted of a water balloon fight, one she was so excited to be a part of prior to arriving, and of course an activity that every child loves. The first round of the water balloon fight started and, as you might guess, she would not go out to the grassy area with the other kids.

I watched. I worried. Would she miss all the fun?

Finally, I said, “Lets go get a balloon”.

She followed me, grabbed a balloon, and diligently searched for a target.  In the meantime, I took her distraction as the perfect opportunity to run off to the sidelines where the rest of the parents were. Then, I watched her excitement turn into fear as she realized I was no longer next to her…


She started to run towards me…

Thankfully, a few well-timed water balloons rapidly bombarded her with splashes all around! And suddenly, something changed…she was having FUN!  There was a sparkle in her eyes. She made new friends and was recruited into the girls group!

JUST LIKE THAT the fear of this new experience changed! The laughter and spunk deleted the memory that this was something new and frightening.

Opportunity in Fear

For our children, learning to adjust to constant change is very different. We help by handling them with a specific degree of sensitivity (while also being a little tough); we teach them that they will always have us as a safety net, but it’s perfectly ok if we watch them from the sidelines.

So how can we embrace that as adults?

My daughter taught me so much on that day, but the most important lesson I learned is that there is so much opportunity in fear. If we allow ourselves to get lost in the “water balloon fights” we will be pleasantly surprised at how much is waiting for us on the other side. Fear is actually something we should embrace. It offers new connections and opportunities that are regularly and abundantly waiting for us to snatch up.

So, in your next moment of adapting to something new, think back to the joy your felt when the “water balloon exploded” and realize the amazing things you can accomplish or discover!

Written by Angela Uebelacker

What lessons have you learned from a child?  Send us a comment!

Memories Made in the Shade

Memories Made in the Shade

(Eclipse Day 2017)

Eclipse Memories

By Jen Griswold

Monday was a memorable and special day, given that it was the first total solar eclipse visible to the United States in 38 years.  I’m not sure how you spent it, but I made a point to clear my work calendar and take my kids on a day-long adventure that turned out to be a great family bonding day.

Star Moments on TV!

We began by driving to the Air & Space museum here in DC to meet friends and to get our eclipse glasses.  The lines were long, but they moved fast and then we were able to make crafts, ride simulators and enjoy the exhibits in the museum.  The entire day was free (except for parking) and it reminded me how thankful I am to live in DC where we are just a hop, skip and a jump away from a lot of amazing resources!  While we were at the museum, a German reporter for the station WDR interviewed my daughter and her friends.  They were so excited to get a moment on TV (although I could never find the clip on their site)!

Memories…Beyond a Shadow

After the museum, several families met up on a grassy field near a friend’s house and sat on blankets to play games, look at the light through the crafts we made at the museum, and enjoy the changes in light and temperature as the eclipse neared totality (or more accurately, 82% totality).  The kids had snacks and the moms toasted the historical moment and we played a little Bonnie Tyler, “Total Eclipse of the Heart” for good measure.  All in all it was a great day!

As I went to bed on Monday night, I had such a sense of peace.  Looking back on the day, I was glad I decided to go the extra mile to allow for a fun and memorable day.  And here is what I realized:

1)  Kids Remember

Your kids may not always remember the day to day things that happen….like how you made their lunch, the way you fold their underwear, etc.  but they DO remember the special days.  I’ll never forget where I was standing at school the day the Challenger shuttle crashed.  Or how my mom went above and beyond for my 7th grade birthday lunch.  Those special days get etched in a child’s memory, so when you get the chance make them memorable!

Special Moments

2)  Seize the Chance to Bond

As my kids get older and the importance of friends can feel like it eclipses (pun intended) their need for us, I realize that I can’t take chances to bond for granted.  This summer, I tried to be more aware of that than ever.  With only 6 years left until my oldest will be out the door for college, it felt like each board game we played, each bike ride we took and each chance that we had to bond together was even more important and worth cherishing.


3)  Find Perspective in Our Busy Days

As we watched the light change and felt the temperature cool during the eclipse, it almost felt like time stopped for a few minutes.  Very few cars were driving, the normal hum of life seemed muted, and confused crickets even chirped a few times.  It was almost as if the sun was reminding us of how small we are in this giant universe in which we live.  As much as we may be consumed with our practice schedules, work lives and back to school frenzy on a daily basis, the eclipse reminded us that the world is so much bigger than that.   Looking at our concerns through a broader sense of the world reveals that our daily struggles are minute in the big scheme of life.

A Different Perspective

4)  We Need More Unity

I think the biggest reason I felt peace going to bed Monday night was because for a brief couple of hours, it felt like our country was united around something.  Nobody was angry about his or her beliefs, their politics, their money, their personal issues or anything else.  Instead we were all united together with our family and friends getting to experience a unique sense of awe as we watched a beautiful dance of light and dark.  The eclipse was nothing we could control (although I did hear word of a TX mom who asked a local museum to reschedule the eclipse because they day didn’t work for her) and it was a refreshing change from all the other chaos that plagues our world.  It felt like just the poetic moment we all needed.

Unity…A Refreshing Change

So to all the Moms out there, go the extra mile on special days like these.  Beyond a shadow of a doubt, eclipses are worth the effort and they make memories that will be felt for a lifetime.  Your next chance; 2024!

Written by Jen Griswold

Mission Entrepreneur

Mission Entrepreneur


Applying Lessons from Military Life to Create Success in Business Startups!

I am beyond thrilled to share my latest project with you!

As a military spouse, veteran, entrepreneur (and now author!), I’ve always been inspired by amazing stories of military families who’ve overcome obstacles and succeeded in starting a business.  So I decided to write these (and my own) stories down.  However, as I was writing this book, I discovered that these lessons aren’t only about business…they tell a story of resilience, perseverance, and giving that applies to everyone.

So, whether you’re looking to launch your next great startup idea, you’re already a business professional, you’re a community leader, veteran, or military spouse, or maybe you’re just looking for a little inspiration, check out “Mission Entrepreneur” and discover how you can apply lessons from military life to succeed in your next venture!

Download your free chapter, “How to Overcome Your Fears Like a Navy Seal,” and become a 4-Star member of the tribe by clicking here!

And if you’re ready for more, pick up a copy (at limited pre-order pricing) at Amazon.


This has truly been a labor of love and I am incredibly grateful for your support!

All proceeds go back to supporting the military community!  


How a Vacation Changed My Life

Written by Jen E. Griswold


(Four Lessons Discovered on a Nordic Vacation)

My family and I have just returned from a fabulous Northern European vacation that included 7 nights on the Disney Magic cruise vessel.  This was a much needed chance to recharge and share the love Mr. Milpreneur and I have for traveling with our kids, ages 9 and 11.  It was their very first trip to Europe and we figured that the comforts of the Disney cruise would be a great way for our picky eaters to both see the sites and ensure they would have something they would like to eat every evening.

Along with the recharge I was also enlightened with several great business and life lessons while experiencing new cultures.  With a clear head and fresh perspective, it was amazing what I picked up from the beautiful Nordic culture and sites.  From the cobblestone streets, to the immense history, to the restaurant experiences, there were new discoveries and important lessons around every corner that I can take home to enhance my business practices.

1.  Less is More

Less is More

Russian food is pretty simple

As a lover of all things interior design, I think the architecture and style in the Nordic countries was truly remarkable.  They have perfected the art of efficient and smart design.  No extra, no frills and no waste.  As I would admire the clean and well designed bathrooms or building architecture, I couldn’t help but think of all the ways I could apply the idea of simplifying in many areas in my life.

In my business, I am committing to scheduling my day more efficiently.  Rather than answering emails all day long, I have decided to stick to a strict schedule of answering messages during two 30-minute times in the early morning and late afternoon.  No major development will suffer if I don’t answer it within 15 minutes.

Additionally, I am committing to cutting back on our calendar commitments.  As much as I like to host each event or party, sometimes I can schedule myself into a corner.  Not every event is value added, so I am committing to asking myself more honestly whether each and every added event to the calendar is worth the input.  My hope is that this Nordic cleanup of my practices will allow for a better mental health status and the ability to feel “done” at the end of the day, rather than just on a constant hamster wheel.

2.  Your Roots Matter

Know Your Roots

Given that my great grandparents were both Swedish and Norwegian, I felt an unspoken connection to the people in Northern Europe.  As I learned more about their deep spiritual ways and their struggle as Vikings, it made a lot of stories my grandmother told me come into perspective.

It’s funny how just that physical feeling of “belonging” in the region (although my hair is more of a manufactured blond than most of the true Nordic women), made me feel more confident in my journey in life.  In a way, it makes me make more sense to myself.  And, with that confidence, I think it instantly helped me see how I fit into the bigger picture.

3.  Don’t be Afraid of Different

Try New Things

Cole trying Russian soup

My son is absolutely the worst when it comes to trying new foods or experiences.  And I remember being exactly the same when I was his age.  Yet, I eventually grew out of it and kept reminding him how exciting it is to experience new things.  I found myself repeatedly saying, “Don’t be afraid of things that are different.”

For instance, when we stopped at the port in St. Petersburg, Russia, I expected a bleak and dreary Russian city where people moped around and wished for a more exciting life.  I know that is a wildly undereducated prediction and I should have done more research, but what we found was completely the opposite.  The city was vibrant, colorful, rich in history and religion and full of happy people.

From a city decimated by Hitler during WWII, there was much to learn.  After enduring tough times, the city and people of St. Petersburg found ways to survive and thrive.  Russia has very little agriculture or natural resources and it is cold there most of the year.  Yet, they were resourceful and created caviar and vodka out of fish and potatoes, which are delicacies that have become common across the globe.

Additionally, with cold winters and bleak weather, artists had little distraction and were able to accomplish amazing work in the areas of art, music and ballet.  All in all, before experiencing St. Petersburg, I had an entirely inaccurate perspective and understanding of this fascinating city.  And it reminded me that there is just nothing like experiencing new cultures and experiences to open our minds to what is possible.

4.  Finding Wonder and Magic in Your Daily Life is What Keeps You Young

Magical unplugged family moments

Despite the fact that we are not typically Disney people OR big cruise people, we have somehow fallen in LOVE with Disney cruises.  The amazing service, the attentiveness to all ages, and family togetherness have an incredible effect.  Those who know me know it takes a lot for me to get sentimental, but when it comes to these cruises, they are truly “magical.”  And for the past 4 years, they have been the times I look back on most fondly.

The key reason is because Disney provides us the chance to find the wonder in things again.  Without wi-fi (which they make so ridiculously expensive we just go without), and the pressures of a job, they take care of everything and allow you to truly find the wonder in the places you visit and the people you are with.  It’s just as they say; magical!

Now the truth is, that it doesn’t take a Disney cruise to find the magic and wonder in your life.  It just takes enough escape from the rat race to gain some perspective again.

So, go escape to someplace new.  Enjoy the adventure and let us know what you’ve learned!  Leave a comment on our Facebook page!

Written by Jen E. Griswold


Lessons From My Dad…

Lessons From My Dad

By Angela Uebelacker

How do you capture the legacy of a person you place on a pedestal? My father was a great man, not without imperfections, but definitely the glue that held our family together. On father’s day we celebrate the people in our lives that hold this role. The people that have created a legacy that get’s passed on for generations, and there is such a significant reason…

A Legacy

I lost my father shortly after I graduated from high school. He was a man that always made a funny face in photos; on countless occasions you could catch him making up lyrics to random songs, and always dancing without a care if anyone was watching! Our family is made up of men that are always pulling practical jokes on everyone and truly add to the comic relief needed when life gets chaotic. My father served in the Air Force, was an engineer, and could honestly fix just about anything. He was a great cook, instilled traditions and values in us that live on to this day…a family man that loved the outdoors and having us all together.

Losing my father was one of the most devastating moments of my life, and as life continued after I would soon realize the amazing moments I would miss out on. My father used to send me instructions in college, very detailed instructions on how to remove the backing of my car registration sticker, how to make sure the license plate was clean before placing it, and where to place it. It’s moments like that where I can laugh out loud and then soon realize how much I miss his very presence.

His Blueprint

I’ll never get to see him playing with his grandchildren, but I know how amazing he would’ve been as a Grandpa. Although I am married, I never had a wedding but I’ll never get to walk down the aisle with him or share that father daughter dance. When I fix things, I know that’s his influence and feel his hands guiding mine. When I hear my daughter make up songs, I know that’s him singing along with her…and when we dance around without a care that anyone is watching…I know he is dancing with us! It is my deepest belief that the legacy’s our father’s leave is the greatest blueprint to how well our lives will be! In the most difficult moments their memory or legacy has a way of breaking through and providing us with a vision so clear and secure. There are many fears I have in this world, many moments I will never have, but it is in his very absence that I find the beautiful purpose he has given me.

Lesson’s From My Dad

He has taught me to live a life full of love, and to always find the laughter through the storms we endure. He has provided me with strength and confidence in my role as a parent. He has shown me that being silly, laughing at your self, and dancing as if no one is watching is the medicine to life and how we should all be living it!! And although he is not here to walk me down the aisle when I do plan my actual wedding…I know that he will be present every step of the way! My father’s legacy has taught me to live without regret, embrace being young at heart, and to not take any moment for granted.

Daddy, I am so grateful for the memories we had as kids, for the love you gave us and for everything you taught us. Your presence is deeply missed each and everyday, but your influence remains deep within my heart and soul! I love and miss you…Happy Father’s Day!

Written by Angela Uebelacker

Wishing all the Dad’s & Amazing Guys who support us and teach us to conquer our fears a joyous Father’s Day!

How to Run Your Business (While Vacationing Like a Rockstar)!

Vacation like a Rockstar


By Susan Brown

Summer is coming!

Can you believe it? Along with the fun in the sun comes change in routine, kids out of school, and, the best part:  VACATION!

Are you a business owner wondering how to run your business while away? I’ve got some tips to help you ROCK it!

How to Run Your Business While on Vacation:

1).  Be Prepared!

Goals and Plans

If you know you are going to be at the beach, on a cruise, or out of the country, prepare yourself accordingly. A goal without a plan is just a wish. You’ve got to have a method going into your madness to make it work! I suggest writing out a day-by-day list of what you WILL and WILL NOT do while on vacation. If you want to completely unplug, that’s great, just make sure you set up auto-responders on your email accounts and make your network aware you will be away.

2).  Make a List!

I’ve made it a habit to make sure my business is ready to take with me, just as I would make sure to pack sunscreen and a bathing suit in my suitcase. Having a ready- made list of people to contact will maximize the few minutes you do have here and there to work your business! You can also make a week long list of items that are must-dos so you don’t forget anything as your daily schedule changes while away.

3).  Share your Experience!

You aren’t always on vacation, so make sure you take advantage to the cool adventures you are on and share them on your social media accounts! Your audience will enjoy learning about how you spend your free time and it’s a great way to increase engagement!

4).  Meet New People!

Going to a new place is the PERFECT opportunity to grow your network. Strike up a conversation with people you are staying near, those you meet on the beach or by the pool, and even those you sit on an airplane beside. There are ENDLESS opportunities to make new friends while traveling this summer.

Stay organized, plan ahead, and you will ROCK your business this summer!

Click here for more tips on Growing Your Business and Developing a Brand that distinguishes you!

Written by Susan Brown

The Power of Positivity


Power of Positivity

By Susan Brown

How many times have you heard THIS one before?  Be honest!  I know it can get old:  the power of positive thinking.  However, it truly IS one of the most powerful things you can do for your life, and let me tell you why!

I recently came across a quote that read something like “what you think about now determines where you will end up in five years.”  I was honestly blown away by this and had to read it several times.  How?  How is that true?  As my befuddled brain thought through it, I realized what I think the author was getting at:  What you think about, you bring about.

I’ve heard this phrase countless times from various leaders in my company.  Motivational speakers, books, and even on my Pinterest feed!  I mean, who doesn’t love a good quote, right?  This one is profoundly true time and time again, at least for me.

I find that most thoughts engineer themselves in my head from negative self-talk, upon further recollection and mindfulness on this topic I realized that some things even manifest from untrue and/or unloving things people have said.  For example:  Have you ever looked in the mirror and called yourself ugly?  That’s what you will think about all day:  “I am ugly”.   Or, have someone tell you as a child you aren’t good at math?  You will tell yourself you can’t possibly run a business.  It REALLY is true that the thoughts that pop in and out of your head influence your day-to-day actions.

Are you wondering if this is true in your life?  Experiment a little!  Write down your thoughts each day.  Pause and write on your phone or a little notebook any time you have a negative thought.  Then think:  where do these come from?  Why am I telling myself this?  Is this actually true?  I’ve found tons of incredible insight through self-reflection.  And, in doing so, it has created so much empowerment and positive change in my day-to-day outlook and attitude!

Here’s a story to show you that what’s between your ears really does influence your actions…

Yesterday, I took my sweet toddler to his 30-month well baby visit.  We adore our pediatrician and our son (he is the sweetest boy)!  However, we’ve recently noticed that he shows significant speech delay and there have been a few other things that gave pause for concern.  Despite these things, I’ve tried my best to maintain a positive attitude and went into the appointment upbeat.  Sadly, that’s not how I left it.  It was a difficult conversation with our pediatrician who continues to be concerned about areas of his development.  As a mom, this is not fun news.  I sobbed.  I felt sad, angry, and helpless.  But you know what?  Instead of drowning myself in all the negativity that I was SO tempted to do, I chose to focus on the positives:  early intervention, the great services we are already receiving, insurance to be able to seek services, my amazing son, and our incredible support network.

Yesterday, and every day, I will CHOOSE the positive outlook because it IS powerful.  I hope you can, too!

Written by Susan Brown

From the Rearview Mirror

Mission Milpreneur

Reflections in Mirror

By Angela Uebelacker

When I think back to before I had children, I’m reminded of how I hoped it would always be.  My child would have the best life, we’d always be on an adventure, we’d always play and have so much fun, and never be tired of this world we created for our little loves.  Life would ALWAYS be something we would look forward too; we would always be on time, present, and ready to play ALL DAY!!!  It never occurred to me how much would actually be true, what details would actually change, and even as the years go by how often I’m reminded of how I hoped it would be.



My child from the age of 6 months old has experienced so many changes…changes she has never once asked for, but very bravely endured!  There have been two deployments, and three moves in her 5 years of life.  She has lived in a hotel, traveled across the states, and traveled internationally.  She has fallen in love with family, friends, neighbors, daycares, and pre-school teachers all to be pulled away when our lives took on a different journey.  She has questioned these changes, feared being forgotten and most importantly feared being left behind the entire time!

As parents, there is no such blueprint on life, let alone on how to be the best parents we can possibly be.  There is no truth to what we hoped it would be like, simply because we’re not meant to know our true journey…We get tired, we have schedules, routines, work, school, extracurricular activities…and somewhere in between what we do to make “our lives” better we have the time for how we hoped it would be.

It’s simply not that simple…the love and pride I have for my husband’s service and the community we belong to continues to grow with each passing day.  I chose this life, not knowing the depths of how much would change, but fully accepting the reason behind it!  Every new experience no matter how frustrating, no matter how many new interviews, friends, neighbors or finding our way around unfamiliar territories, I’m so forever grateful and proud of the choices we have made…And one day, my hope is that she will be too!  But until then, I would like her to know…

From the Rearview Mirror…

From the rearview mirror, Mommy has watched you grow into a brave, smart, adventurous little girl.  I have feared every change you have had to endure.  My heart has broken with every single goodbye, and I have even forgotten how to breathe with every tear!  Through all of these changes, you have continued to make me so proud.  You have inspired me to be a stronger, BRAVER, person and one that I hope you can be proud of too.

From the rearview mirror, I have watched your curiosity, frustration, and even felt you worry…I see your sad eyes, I see your tears, and understand your fears!!  I’ve watched you wave goodbye, race my car until the fence ends, and watch which direction I turn.  And with each passing day, I’ve missed you!!  There is nothing more that I would rather be doing, but spending all my time with you…and when Daddy is “away” for work, I have captured every moment I could.  Cheered on all your first milestones, and made myself available for every ‘pre-school’ party and event so you always had someone present.

From the rearview mirror…I have seen your excitement, I have seen you smile, and felt your laughter!!  My job is just a job, my continued education a dream, and no matter how busy life gets my hope has always been the same.  One day you will understand the choices that I’ve made, you’ll appreciate the changes, and look forward to what lies ahead.  And no matter where we go I hope you always know how I hoped it would always be, and that with each passing day I continue to strive to make it all be true.

From the rearview mirror, I did it all for you!

Written by Angela Uebelacker

Finding Happiness Through GRIT


Guts, Resilience, Initiative, and Tenacity

Let’s take a minute and think back about our lives before social media took over, shall we?

While it wasn’t that very long ago, it almost seems hard to fathom that about a decade or so ago we experienced very fulfilling lives and relationships before the explosion of Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter.  I think most of us will agree that our lives are more positive and staying connected with others through social media is pretty awesome.

However, I’d like to be real for a few moments about what we don’t talk about too often about the beast…

Social media and more specifically, Facebook, is like a beautiful ice cream sundae.  Let me elaborate here…In real life where we communicate and interact in person, we sometimes say the “wrong” things and we may portray a less than perfect image but this is not so much the case with social media.  If any of us were to scroll through our newsfeed today, we’d see stories and posts of what seem to be perfect lives topped with picture perfect dollops of whipped cream and cherries.  While it serves no real purpose to exude negativity, rant, and vent to others each day, this “pie in the sky” vibe can be misleading.  Wouldn’t you agree?

The Highs Come With Just As Many Lows

The bottom line is, that each and every one of us has our own personal struggles, setbacks, and goals not yet achieved.  We create our own happiness in life by choosing a positive outlook and embracing a spirit of determination or what I like to call “grit”.  Let’s face it, life can be HARD.  Really hard and that reality is not always something we choose to share on social media.  I think many times we see others’ successes at face value but what we don’t see and perhaps they have never shared, is that the highs did not come without just as many lows.

I don’t know about you, but I love a good story of the “under dog.”  You know, the person who has had all odds stacked against him/her and through sheer determination over time, have conquered their world.  I’m talking about people like Oprah Winfrey who came from a scarred childhood but rose to become an amazing entrepreneur with a net worth of nearly $3 Billion.  Or, how about Stephen King whose first novel was rejected thirty times but today his books have sold over 350 million copies and have been made into many motion pictures?  Most of us know of Bill Gate’s story and how his first company and product failed miserably but today, he is a household name and the richest person in the whole world.  The stories can go on and on.  How encouraging is it to know that our own personal story is not over as long as we have grit and the will to try and try again?

Achievements Don’t Happen By Themselves…It’s Called Grit

If you ask me, grit is what true character is made of.  It takes courage, humility, belief, and so much more to overcome adversity and keep our eye on the prize.  When we get caught up in our own shortcomings and what seems to be others’ perfect lives, it’s important to remember that huge achievements in life don’t happen by themselves or overnight.  In most cases, the journey to our own personal greatness resembles a marathon rather than a sprint but it also brings a beautiful finish line that is always within reach.

Avoid The Comparison Game By Reflecting On Your Journey

It’s sometimes easy to get caught up in social media and a place where we find ourselves playing the comparison game.  When we find our thoughts going in that direction, we should reflect on our own journey.  We should focus more on being in the moment and embrace the fact that it’s through hardship and struggles in life that we find our strength.

Having G.R.I.T. will help you grow into the person we are meant to be.

Written By Risa Riepma


Progress Starts With YOU!


Today is a global day of celebration for the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women!

I think this is a great opportunity to reflect upon some of the brave women who have gone ahead of us. They have paved the way for progress in so many arenas and we owe them a THANK YOU!

In the spirit of the day, I thought it was the perfect time to share some of my favorite stories of bold women.


The Easiest Place To Start Is With You!

1).  Learn from professor Amy Cuddy on how practicing strong body language can actually influence the way you approach the world.

2).  Meet Nancy Frates. This amazing woman started the infamous ALS ice bucket challenge and raised $160 million for continued research.

3).  Reshna Saujani gives one of my favorite TED talks on how we should teach our young girls to value progress and bravery in life over perfection.

4).  Psychologist Carol Dweck encourages us to have a growth mindset in order to truly believe we can improve and helps identify the motivation that leads to success.

5).  Author and Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg, famous from Lean In, explains why there aren’t enough women in leadership positions in the our country and how we can make small changes to get there!

I encourage you to watch one of these TED talks each day this week (check them out below). Challenge yourself to find 3 takeaways you can implement into your life.

International Women’s Day is a day to celebrate progress for women, and the best way to do your part is to make a commitment to change the things around you…