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STAY TUNED for Milpreneur Highlights!!!!!

Have you ever thought of starting your own business but shied away because you thought it would be too difficult? Are you wondering what it REALLY takes to be a successful military entrepreneur, aka. Milpreneur? Stay tuned to our blog, Mission:Milpreneur, to follow a new series where we will highlight everyday military entrepreneurs who are building successful businesses in all types of industries despite their commitments to families, deployments, crazy schedules, and military moves!

You will NOT want to miss their tips and tricks for how to grow a business around your passion (ex: blogging, writing, photography, home decor, online shopping and coaching) and find the awesome fulfillment of being your own boss! And if you have military friends who need to hear this, please share the word and tell them to keep their eye on the blog as well! There will be fun giveaways throughout, so STAY TUNED!