3 Hacks to Reset and Renew

3 Hacks to Reset and Renew

How is it June?! I cannot believe it! If you’re like me, some things are going well, other things have fallen by the wayside. Remember way back to January? It may not feel like that long ago, but most of us set some goals for 2018.  Now, it’s time to reset and review!

Here are 3 tips for a mid-year reset!
  • 01
    Be Realistic

    Make sure what you are working toward is realistic! Did you set a goal to not eat sugar in 2018 yet you’ve had ice cream every night? Don’t worry. Maybe completely cutting out sugar was a bit too much for you, and that’s totally ok. Look back at what you said you wanted to do and make sure it is something you can realistically achieve this calendar year.

  • 02
    Give Yourself Grace

    Nothing is worse than beating yourself up about what you haven’t yet done that you said you wanted to. Plus, you’ve still got 6 more months to make things happen! So, take a deep breath, readjust, and keep moving forward.

  • 03
    Write it Down

    It is proven that writing down goals makes them way more likely to happen. Go back to your journal or wherever you planned 2018 goals and see how things are going for you. THEN, write them down AGAIN! Head back to step 1 and make sure they are both realistic and things you are really passionate about because nothing great ever happens without passion.

Summer is a great time to take it easy, sit in the sun (with SPF!), and keep going. Take time to pause, breathe, evaluate, and reset. You won’t regret it!