4 Gifts That Won’t Clutter Your Home

4 Gifts That Won’t Clutter Your Home

It’s that time of year again: the season of GIVING! Oh, how I adore it!

Now that I am a mom, my list of holiday activities includes playing “Santa” for my two adorable toddlers. However, this year something hit me. My kids already have SO much. We are incredibly blessed to be able to provide them what they need and more, and also have four fabulous grandparents who do their fair share of spoiling.

Anyone else?!

Of course, I want them to wake up to some special surprises on Christmas morning, but I do not want our house to become cluttered with dozens of new toys. I also have a huge heart for giving back and want to (hopefully) pass that on to my children. I wanted to find some ways to try to do this and I want to share what I came up with:

4 Gift Ideas (Better than a House Full of Things)
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    Help others

    We started looking for ways to donate. Whether it be a check to a local food bank at Thanksgiving or our gently used clothing and toys, we researched places in our local community who really needed it and got busy.

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    Less is more

    Relieve yourself of the pressure to give your kids every single toy they want or that’s on the “hot toy” list. I did, and it feels wonderful! We are focusing on one or two things they want and one or two things they need. Less is more!

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    Gift EXPERIENCES! It doesn’t always have to be about material things. Tickets to a show or ball game, or a trip to visit grandparents. Get creative with how you give! (Check out the Secrets of Success interview with MomTrends for more on this).

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    Adopt a family

    Adopt a family. I grew up doing this and totally want to pass it on to my kids. Head to a community center or school and find a family on an angel tree to support and shop for.  Trust me, it will bless you just as much as it will bless them!

Most of all, join me in showing our children that this season is so much for than getting. But, this is truly about learning to find joy in GIVING!

We’d love to hear your favorite ideas. How do you keep the presents under control in your house?

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