5 Business Practices that Strengthen Relationships

5 Business Practices that Strengthen Relationships

As we enter this wonderful time of year, I count my blessings and get the chance to reflect on the things that I am most thankful for.  That got me thinking and a crazy idea hit me!  What if we applied the same 5 hot business trends to the relationships that give us purpose each and every day?

I recently stumbled upon a great article titled, 5 Business Trends That Will Take Off in 2017.  I challenge you to think about these same business trends a little differently and use them to improve your relationships with your amazing support system.

5 Trends of Support
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    Customer engagement is a process that involves the ability to build a lasting relationship with your audience and is an important way to elevate your customer engagement to personalize your approach.

    When we think about this in terms of our support systems, taking the time to really engage with your family and friends through the process of running your own business (or any endeavor you pursue) is essential to ensuring that you’re headed in the right direction. It’s this exact system that will keep you grounded, tell you like it is, and offer a little helping of tough love as needed.

    They are there for you…make sure you are always there for them too!

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    Data Collection

    Just like a business would collect customer data to understand their needs and how to properly and effectively use them, we as business owners need to collect the same data from our support systems.

    Take being a working parent as an example.

    Our kids often understand why we work.  However, every now and then it’s necessary to re-engage with them on a more intimate level. This can occur by planning a special day out, or just sitting down to talk…while actively listening without cell phones and other electronic devices.

    Giving our undivided attention is the only way to understand where their needs lie and how to best support them.

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    As an owner of a company that involves e-commerce and network marketing, the concept of automation is pretty interesting. We’re talking about a form of customer service that allows a person the option to connect directly through a live messaging forum, versus other methods of obtaining answers or direction.

    When we consider this in relation to our family and friends that support us, or even our peers for a better point of view, we must consider how we choose to communicate.  And, don’t forget to consider how the type of conversation you choose will impact their point of view. Or more importantly, the impression they get from a less formal way of communicating.

    Is it enough to use messages, when no other means are an option…Some could argue it’s more helpful, while others still prefer the older ways of communicating.

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    At times, we can get in a rut about the direction we should take, choices we have already made, or ideas that have been floating around our heads.  And, there is no better way to find clarification in all the hustle without asking your own support system for their direct feedback.

    This specific business trend is the ultimate key to building those relationships and the foundations they exist upon.

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    There was a time where one person was hired to handle multiple tasks, and that has changed into hiring one specific person that specializes in the specific role you seek to fill.

    In life, our family, friends, and peers fill this “hiring process” in a very similar manner. You may have that one friend who is phenomenal at being creative when it comes to making school lunches, or that other friend who is really great at budgeting. Perhaps your sister is the go-to for tough love, while your brother is your go-to for protection.

    All in all, we can all easily think of the one person that specializes in an area of our life that helps to keep us grounded or in the direction we desire to be.  Recognize those strengths you spot in others (and thank them for it)!

Jen Griswold and Mission Entrepreneur. So Very Thankful

So Very Thankful

As you reflect on the many things you are grateful for, continue to remember how your support system influences and impacts your life. The impressions left in your heart are incredible.

And, although we often have a lot on our plates this Thanksgiving (did you catch that, pun intended), we could never achieve any of our goals or dreams without the amazing people in our lives.

Do you make it a priority to strengthen the relationships with your support system?  Tell us how below!