Are You Depleting Your Life By Living With Too Much Junk?

Are You Depleting Your Life By Living With Too Much Junk?

How can we possibly have more with less???

It seems counterintuitive that you will do more with less. But it’s true. You can gain more clarity, freedom, and the opportunity to achieve your goals by living with less.

As a parent, I often spend a lot of time sorting through clothes, toys, things, things, and more things. It’s a revolving door that never seems to stop spinning. However, holding onto items that take up too much space, things that we no longer use, or items that we no longer value can deplete our lives.

That’s why we often refer to this process as getting “rid of junk”.

The best part about this process is the freedom to gain something even more valuable from discarding and donating. What I mean is pretty simple. Decluttering and donating lightly used clothing benefits a family in need. Toys that we once adored watching our kids play with can bring joy to a new family and kids of a more appropriate age.

So why is such a great feeling often accompanied with some bittersweet emotions? Easy. That’s because this act of removing the junk also represents change.

As entrepreneurs, we discover that in order to see change and growth we must remove the items that turn into junk. This is so crucial to achieving year-end goals. Each year our effort should be a chance to improve, even if we are simply removing junk in order to have a clearer vision. Attending a business event, enrolling in a class, etching out specific time for family, friends, and oneself. These are all areas that can help a business owner gain more with less.

Think about how many times that you’ve heard the importance of maintaining:

  1. White noise.

  2. Time management.

  3. Schedules

  4. Networking

  5. Consistency

All of these areas can become clouded with junk as entrepreneurs, RIGHT?!?! The voices that tell us we can’t, the decision to skip planning out our weeks, not utilizing who we know to help improve our outcomes, and finally making sure we are constantly repeating our efforts to continue to gain. It’s easy to think, “well this all sounds like a lot of work”…but the reality is, these simple areas can help to reduce the stress and chaos that can get created from having too much junk. And here’s a great reason WHY…

Do more and more with less and less until eventually, you can do everything with nothing.”  – R. Buckminster Fuller

We don’t have to be involved in everything to have a presence. The routines we build ultimately direct us on a path that is successful and EASY!!! It’s okay to say no to events that will take you away from your goals, the time needed to improve your business, the time you want to share with your family, or the time you just need just for you. Learn to adapt to the benefits you get from living with less and find how it is life changing in every facet.

Which areas have you gained more from less??