Are You Guilty Of This One Thing? (It’s Preventing Your Financial Happiness)

Are You Guilty Of This One Thing? (It’s Preventing Your Financial Happiness)

When it comes to taking control of your finances, are you willing to step outside of the box and adjust your attitude to achieve financial happiness?

I’ve recently seen a flurry of social media posts that reveal why people succeed or fail in taking control of their financial situation. Want to be one of the success stories?  Read on…

At some point, we all have or will be at an all-time low with a very blurred vision of what we can do. Life gets busy. We have many priorities. And circumstances drive our actions. Interestingly, it is how you deal with your circumstances that determine your results.

It goes something like this…

*Person 1:

  • I CAN’T do it. I have 3 kids, a traveling husband, we’re behind on bills and credit cards, I’m working 50+ hours per week, I don’t have the money or time. It’s just not realistic.

*Person 2:

  • I HAVE to do it! I have 3 kids, a traveling husband, we are SO behind on bills and credit cards, I’m working 50+ hours per week, I WILL figure out how and I’ll MAKE it work because nothing else will help us and I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired.

The biggest difference between the two scenarios is that one uses their circumstance as an EXCUSE and the other that uses it as MOTIVATION.

One of the most significant roadblocks as a military spouse and entrepreneur is the difficulty of finding something sustainable. We often relocate every few years and don’t have the opportunity to offer longevity to a company. This can make it very hard to build a career.

Now, we can sit around and complain about the situations we’ve been faced with, or choose to utilize this time as an opportunity to build and create something amazing.

I choose the latter.

I am a stay at home mom, military spouse, entrepreneur, and live abroad. Currently, I find that the only spare resource I have is time (and complaining doesn’t get anyone anywhere). With that, I’ve DECIDED to read more, attend learning events (both virtually and in person), and seek (free to very low cost) educational opportunities that will improve my knowledge and skill set as an entrepreneur and business owner.

Choose your path…

I recently read an amazing book, where an entire chapter was designated to resources. This chapter has provided a vessel, and I plan on taking advantage of every single opportunity to build my understanding as a business owner and entrepreneur. I’ve set out to participate in as many of the free to low-cost training events that I can and can’t wait to see how much it improves my ability to find or CREATE something sustainable!!

What chances are you willing to take, to change your personal dynamic??? Are you the, “I CAN’T do it” person or the, “I HAVE to do it” person??

The greatest factor of either scenario is that even if you are person 1, there is nothing stopping you from becoming person 2!