Too Busy for the Gym? Try the Deck of Cards Workout!

Too Busy for the Gym? Try the Deck of Cards Workout!

Fitting in exercise is often a challenge for busy people on the go and it’s especially true during the holidays.

I don’t know what your daily schedule looks like but mine is jam-packed with juggling my 3 kids’ school activities, volunteering, family responsibilities, and working my home-based business. Add in parties, shopping, and our many holiday traditions, and it gets a bit crazy! I could easily use the excuse that I don’t have time for exercise but I know how much better I feel mentally and physically when I exercise consistently so I find a way.

Best Type of Exercise

When people ask me what type of activity is best, I usually tell them that there is not one type of exercise that is leaps and bounds more effective. Of course, there are many benefits to participating in activities that raise your heart rate and can also be weight bearing. However, the most important factors are that the activity is something you enjoy and can do consistently. If it’s excellent for burning calories and building muscle but you hate doing it, chances are, you will find even more reasons not to engage in it, in addition to being “too busy.”

Find What Motivates You

I have always been a big fan of moving my body. My journey started as a cheerleader in high school, step aerobics instructor in college, indoor cycling instructor as a new mom, and then a marathon runner as my kids got older. I absolutely love to exercise. These days in addition to running, my activity of choice is a bootcamp type class that incorporates cardio and resembles Cross Fit, while not going overboard with heavy weights. I am a big fan of finding one or more people to exercise with that can hold me accountable and help motivate me.

Commit to a “Holiday Plan”

During the holidays I struggle with finding time and so I have a backup plan to do at home in my garage. Workout videos may work for some, but I find them to be boring. I have many at home and online that I can use, but I never do. My back up plan for busy days if I can’t get to my bootcamp gym is the “Deck of Cards Workout”.

Deck of Cards Workout

This workout is a concept my trainer shared with me that I have made my own. It can be done with very little equipment and a deck of cards. I can do it when traveling or just about anywhere. I lay the cards out in 5 rows. Whatever the card is, I do that many of that particular exercise. Sometimes I may combine the same cards to get more reps in at once. I make it fast paced with very little resting in between movements.

  • Hearts- Push Ups

  • Spades- Squats

  • Clubs- Tricep Dips

  • Diamonds- Bicep Curls

  • Kings- 3 min run (fast) up and down my street

  • Queens- 100 Jump Rope

  • Jacks- 50 Jumping Jacks

  • Aces- 25 Front Kicks (each side)

This is a quick, fun, and effective workout that will work several major muscle groups. It will also help you feel great especially during your busy holiday season!