I Never Knew A Gut Punch Could Feel So Good

I Never Knew A Gut Punch Could Feel So Good

How many have heard the phrase, “your passion will lead to your purpose” or “lead with intention” and then quietly thought to yourself, What does that even mean???

What if I Never Get It?

As an entrepreneur, I have heard a form of these phrases almost daily. I can honestly admit that being able to understand the meaning behind these words and finding these meanings in my life and business have been an ongoing struggle.  I’m supposed to “find” my purpose while also narrowing down what I’m truly passionate about???

Talk about daunting…WHAT IF no one else gets it!!!

Well, something happened during a conversation with my daughter as she recently told me that she wished she could be 3 years old again. Naturally, I asked her why she felt being 3 years old was so special. And then she hit me right in the gut when she replied, “So you and Daddy can still hold me”.

The Gut Punch

You see, my daughter is currently 6 years old and has been in the 90+ percentile in height her entire life. We are often telling her how big she is, how she’s too tall to hold for very long anymore, and take way more breaks when we do hold her because of this. And, it just never occurred to me that although we are joking when we talk about her being too tall to hold, that the emotion and intention of our words have been negatively impacting her perception.

We all know being a parent can be rough. We get caught up in the hustle and the web becomes so intertwined that we can lose sight of WHY we started it all to begin with. Our relationships with our children and how we engage in conversation with them is just as significant as any business relationship we engage in. Most often, entrepreneurs work to create a lifestyle that fits the needs of their family and the ability to remain present. And while losing sight of these reasons can easily happen, believe me when I say that every now and then a good gut punch is all we need to dial it back in.

The Realization

As hard as it was to hear these words because we naturally go to feeling defeated, I easily honed in on my purpose as a Mama. I got down at eye level and held her while saying that we’d hold her forever, no matter how tall, no matter how big, we would hold her for the rest of her life. And just as a 6-year-old would, with the biggest smile ever, she says, “even when I’m 15”?

YES, even then!!

You see, sometimes our purpose can be clouded by expectations we create that don’t actually exist. We often don’t realize that we are always given another chance to try again…When we are reminded of why we started, what we’re passionate about is always within arms reach, ready to be held, regardless of how big or tall “it” becomes. So, when you find yourself losing sight of the reasons that lit the fire, dial it back and embrace what’s right in front of you!

What gut punches have you received lately???