LifeHacks:  Solutions for a Better Life and a Fresh Start

LifeHacks: Solutions for a Better Life and a Fresh Start

Oh, the yearly reset button.

I always have a sense of thrill when I welcome in a brand new year. Oh, the possibilities! And, I am always ready to freshen things up with a FRESH START (or re-start)!

One of my favorite things to share is little tips and tricks that I use to make my life easier. We often refer to these solutions as LifeHacks.  So, in the spirit of a Fresh Start and the New Year, I’d love to share some things that make my life a bit easier.

3 Tips for a Fresh Start
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    Online Scheduler

    A new twist on an old tip. I’ve shared before how I ADORE my Google calendar and going digital to stay organized!

    My husband recently began a big transition out of his full-time military career and into part-time volunteer work and full-time school. With this comes lots of positive day to day changes for our family, mostly having him at home more! While I love this, it can make scheduling our days more tedious.

    So, we decided to combine our calendars.  Rather than doing a full-on merge, we simply invite each other to any events that are pertinent to the entire family OR that requires childcare for the other to complete. It’s been working super well for us to be on the same page both day to day and digitally.

    LifeHacks with Mission Entrepreneur by Jen Griswold. Online Scheduler

    LifeHacks – Online Scheduler

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    Meal Plan & Grocery List

    While I do ADORE all things digital, there are just some things that can’t be replaced. I fell in love with a pen and paper pad that combines an organized grocery list and a day-to-day meal plan for each day of the week. It makes my life SO much easier when I sit down with Pinterest and a recipe book to plan out what we will eat that week.

    I encourage you to find one that you love!

    Check ETSY for ideas of small business owners who make custom notepads!

    LifeHacks with Mission Entrepreneur by Jen Griswold. Meal Planner

    LifeHacks – Meal Plan

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    Organize Your Space!

    One of my favorite things to do is take everything off my desk or kitchen counter and find a place for all of it to go!

    Years ago I read an article about using 3 different bags or boxes when cleaning.

    • One for trash/recycle
    • One for donating
    • One for keeping.

    This helps me stay focused on what goes where and works like a charm! The more organized my spaces are, the easier it is to stay focused on what really matters.

    LifeHacks with Mission Entrepreneur by Jen Griswold. Trash, Donate, Keep

    LifeHacks – Trash, Donate, Keep

I hope these tips help you get your year off to a great new start or re-start.  Until next month, I’m wishing you success as you continue your journey towards an easy and organized life.

Do you have a favorite tip that keeps your life organized?

If so, please share!  I’d love to learn your favorite LifeHack or solution that makes your life easier.

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