Life Hacks!  What Works When It’s Time To Tighten Your Budget

Life Hacks! What Works When It’s Time To Tighten Your Budget

Oh, finances! A topic that can make or break relationships, can make you cringe, can fulfill or crush dreams, and is such an important part of our day-to-day lives. This is a timely topic for me to share about because my family is currently experiencing a “tightening” in the budget department for various reasons. From my heart, I’d love to share what is working well for my family!

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    When my husband and I realized with needed to take a serious look at the ins and outs of our accounts, we found a time to sit down without kids around and write down EVERY single thing we spend money on. Bills, giving back, groceries, fun, all of it was written down so we can track exactly how much is going out each month. This was powerful for us to put on paper so we could prioritize what we have and what we need.

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    After we wrote all this down, we moved into our next step, which was figuring out what does and doesn’t go into the “must have” column. We found certain things that aren’t priorities for us right now and were able to discuss and decide whether to keep or ditch them. This really helped us free up more money to save or use for other things we are more passionate about right now.

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    I’ve talked about this before when it comes to working your business and staying organized (check it out here). You really need to have something that works for YOU. Whether that’s an envelope and cash system for how you spend each week, a spreadsheet, or an online paid program or app, you have to figure out something you can use to stay on track!

There are many ways to budget and make your financial goals and dreams come true. Sit down and find what works for you!

Have your own hacks? Pay it forward and share yours below.