LifeHacks!  Get Organized & Save Energy

LifeHacks! Get Organized & Save Energy

Life is crazy, isn’t it?! With back to school, end of summer, the start of fall activities, my head is spinning! Adding in running a big business on top of that, and if I don’t stay organized I am doomed to oblivion! Ok maybe not oblivion, but you get the idea!

Organization is key for me in life and in business. I thought I’d share some things that have been saving me time and energy lately!

4 Tools That Save Me Time & Energy
  • 01
    iCal or Online Calendar

    I live my life on my iPhone calendar. I know everyone is not an Apple user, but I suggest finding an online calendar system that is compatible with whatever software you use.

  • 02
    GoogleMaps with Calendar Locations

    I love that my iPhone syncs my calendar with my Macbook, so I always remember appointments, play dates, and phone calls. My biggest tip: use the GoogleMaps feature! Plug in an address when you set an event on your calendar and it will alert you in real time the time you need to leave to be on time! And, let’s be real, running late is my cardio, but this helps me stay semi-on time 😉

  • 03
    Post It Note App

    I am obsessed with using the post-it note app! Again, it syncs with my phone and computer. Grocery list, daily to-do list, business building tips, social media post ideas, all have a list with a title in all caps at the top for easy referencing! It also has a search bar feature at the top, making it super easy to find a list you are looking for! I keep a list of business contacts as well so I can build my business on the go!

  • 04
    Marco Polo App

    There are now so many ways to easily communicate with friends and team members all over the country! I am loving the app Marco Polo. It’s a fun and free video messaging app that I use to keep in touch easily with my team! It’s been a great time saver for providing accountability, training, and encouragement to my team. Also, a fun way to keep in touch with family and friends who are far away!

I hope these tips will give you some great strategies for keeping your life intact in this busy time of the year!

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