Midyear Makeover – Accept the Invitation!

Midyear Makeover – Accept the Invitation!

Midyear Makeover

What a year it has been and it’s only halfway through!!!

Does anyone else ever find that one moment that stops you from doing whatever you are doing and you just say WOW!!! I can’t even begin to grasp that summer is upon us and school is ending, and we’re relocating, and blah blah blah…RIGHT!!! Because eventually, that’s what happens, we lose track of where time has gone and what we are going to do while school is out (and maintain some level of sanity), while catching our breath and realigning our perspectives to reach the “oh yeah, I got this” mentality.

And, luckily for us…

This is the time of year we get to makeover that project we’ve been pushing off for so long. Whether it’s updating a room in your home, preparing for that gut-wrenching college departure, improving your business processes or revamping a summer vacation. This is the time of year that we relax and unwind a bit more. And while all the necessary parts of life are still important…this is the time to really take a bit of a break.

NO, I didn’t say stop everything…I said clear your mind.

Give it a good outdoor cleanse, plan a get together with your business partners in a calm and fun atmosphere, have fun with family and friends, relax, and enjoy life!!!

As an entrepreneur, the work is always there, just as being a parent is something you can’t just stop. But, we all need a good healthy makeover…a time to be a little less on the dot, and a little more in the sand. This process, although time-consuming, can be much more of a relief of so much. It allows you to refresh yourself through the process, gain new perspectives, and learn more. Why, because you’re calmer, more relaxed, there’s less pressure. And if you can bring along your team (work and family) and accept the invitation together of making that much-needed task over…everyone wins!!! The departure is easier, the summer activities more enjoyable, and the business we strive so greatly for, to fit around our family dynamic, well…it becomes stronger than ever!!!

Make the time during the midyear to focus on one thing that needs a makeover, and you will create an impact for the rest of the year that will see you soaring higher than ever before.

As my family prepares for our overseas move back to the states, it’s the one area that I am grateful to focus on. Living in Japan has taught us how to live with much less, and that is one area I plan to incorporate into our lives now as we transition back.

What makeovers do you have planned for your family, business or self?