Milpreneur Tribe: 2017 Guest Bloggers

Milpreneur pronunciation

Milpreneur /mil-pruh-nur/

Welcome to our Tribe of Milpreneurs…

We are so excited that you have joined our journey to Live . Give . Serve . Grow. and we can’t wait to learn from you!

We call ourselves Milpreneurs (military + entrepreneur = milpreneur).  If you don’t know, we are a group of military spouses, family-members, and their supporters, who share a mission.  Really, it’s a journey to change lives, inspire, and connect a community who can learn from each other!

One way that we are doing just that, is by sharing amazing stories from our incredible military community.  You’ve heard from them, but now it’s time to introduce the 2017 Milpreneur Bloggers.

Mission Milpreneur

Tribe of Milpreneurs

2017 Milpreneur Bloggers:

Susan Brown.


Susan Brown

Susan is a former elementary school teacher who switched gears to build a small business and stay at home with her two toddlers.  She is a Navy wife living in the D.C. area and loves connecting with other military spouses.  In fact, Susan is an expert on managing social media and has great tips to Grow a Business You Love.  Click to learn more about Susan.

Risa Riepma.


Risa Riepma

Risa is a wife, busy mom of three, entrepreneur, and a retired Air Force dietitian.  After 20 years of military service, she is settling in Texas and loving every minute.  When you need some motivation, check out Risa.  She loves to run, cook healthy meals, and find ways to challenge you to find your G.R.I.T.  Click to learn more about Risa.

Angelina Stephens.

Angelina Stephens

Ange is an active duty Air Force maintenance officer, military spouse, freelance writer, entrepreneur, and proud mom.  When you want to be inspired, read about her greatest Learning Moments or tales from living on a boat.  You’ll love her honesty and relate to how she turned quirky superstitions into achievements.  Click to learn more about Angelina.

Angela Uebelacker.


Angela Uebelacker

Angela is a busy mom, full-time student, entrepreneur, and military spouse.  While working in the health care industry, Angela developed a passion helping others.  Now, she’ll help you feel empowered as she shares her authentic self and Ideas Worth Spreading.  Angela recently moved to Japan with her Navy family and is living a new adventure every day.  Click to learn more about Angela.

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