You Never Know Who Might Be Standing Next To You…

You Never Know Who Might Be Standing Next To You…

Today, I asked the nice, 79-year old man standing behind me if he had run the Marine Corps Marathon based on the fact that he was wearing an MCM 2016 hat.

He quietly replied, “Yes, in fact, I’ve run ALL of them since 1976!” (Insert my shocked face). Ummm, that’s 41 races without missing one. He didn’t even miss a year where he was recovering from 3 gun-shot wounds from a mugging.  #dreambigger #mcmlegend

I am fascinated with human performance, so this coincidental meeting was quite inspiring, and here is what I took from it:

Everything is Impossible Until It’s Possible
  • 01

    The 4 min mile was a dream until someone achieved it.


  • 02

    Who would’ve ever expected we’d be driving cars with no gas and getting our news from artificial intelligence bots on our kitchen counters?

  • 03

    Everything is a dream until you are committed enough to it to make it become a reality.


  • 04

    The human spirit, when matched with the right inspiration, is absolutely unstoppable!


Thanks for some awesome inspiration today, Col Richmond. Semper Fi!  You can read more about his story here.  And remember, there is inspiration all around us…We just have to look for it!  What’s your inspiring story?

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Jen Griswold