No Eye Rolls Please…Why You Should Consider A Home Based Business

No Eye Rolls Please…Why You Should Consider A Home Based Business

Home-based businesses seem to be taking over our social media feeds!!!! So, what is it about this option of working that has become so appealing to the masses??? Well, as someone that has taken the leap of faith and joined an opportunity to be my own boss, let me break it down…

As a military spouse, the rate of unemployed or underemployed spouses is very high. Military spouses make up a huge population of educated, experienced people that are often taken away from career opportunities in order to support the role or mission of their active duty spouse.  The home-based opportunities have provided an option for these spouses to still utilize their skills and education to develop teams and control a business any way they like. It is an option for developing a new purpose that isn’t denying you the position or pay you may deserve, while creating flexibility and time freedom and gaining better control over financial security.

The experience or requirements needed to run a home-based business are very simple.

Why You Should Consider A Home-based Business
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    Your Goals

    The most important requirement is your WHY!! The WHY is the reason that will drive your motivation daily to continue to pursue your goals as a business owner…it will serve as the fuel to your fire and continue to help make you reach new and exciting milestones in your position. It is the reminder that you add as your screenshot, have visible on a goal board, say out loud, or have as a screensaver on your computer. The WHY is the reason that you desired the changes or what caused the hunger to grow in how you want your life or families lives to change. It is also something that will evolve as you and your business evolve. As it makes its changes along your journey as a home-based business owner, you will start to see the growth and depth of your business reach limits that are sky high!!

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    Quality of Life

    Most households consist of dual working spouses, with limited time to take vacations, less quality time with your children or family, and often an unbalanced feeling of financial security. Working from home breaks that barrier and allows a person to run a business around these very precious moments, and allows dreams to turn into realities. You will rarely find a successful entrepreneur in the home-based business industry that doesn’t appreciate the quality of life their successes have brought over the financial gain. It is a purpose that allows many people the option to give more and improve their quality of life and that of their family. It is shared with everyone willing to be open-minded enough to listen because most businesses are successful through word of mouth or referrals.  Let’s take owning a restaurant or working in a retail shop, for example, …if you never told anyone about your restaurant or the amazing store you were working in, they would never know to eat at your restaurant or shop in your store.

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    A home-based business even offers a person the option to work in their current career while running the business on the side, through the use of technology to include social media and Wi-Fi!!! That’s right, you can work whichever career you’re currently in while also running a business or “side gig” if you will. Perhaps your current role is fulfilling in a different manner and you’re simply looking for an option to give back, save for vacations, adding to your retirement, saving for your children’s education or extracurricular activities, you name it….THE SKY IS THE LIMIT and YOU CONTROL THE BAR!!!

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    And if that isn’t enough of a reason to take on this growing industry, how about having the perks of writing bills off that we ALL currently pay!!!! This includes phone bills, Internet bills, and a portion of your home, i.e. “the home office”…plus several other benefits to include mileage on a vehicle, gas, and business meetings to include lunches, dinners, or even that delicious coffee meeting. That’s right, plan a coffee meeting with a friend to discuss what your business is all about, and you get to write it off!! #winning

The home-based business industry allows people to reach far beyond their wildest dreams and make changes in their lives that will have a lasting impact. So, the next time you find yourself rolling your eyes at yet another home-based business surfacing your social media feed, try to not only have an open mind to hear WHY that person became involved, but support that person by liking, sharing, or sending referrals simply to show that you appreciate WHY they chose this option for their life or family and will support them however you can!

I can promise that although home-based business owners appreciate you as a customer, they are far more grateful to know that you support their endeavors to take care of their family in a not so traditional way…simply because their circumstances, such as being relocated regularly as a military family can often impede opportunities they very well deserve but are regularly denied.

P.S. Just in case you were wondering…ANYONE can run a home-based business, even YOU!!!