Why Crowdfunding Works & How To Use It Today

Why Crowdfunding Works & How To Use It Today

Do you have a great idea but lack the funding to make it come true?

Unless or you know the right people or have money squirreled away, raising capital to launch your new product or business can be daunting.

Introduce CrowdFunding.

Did you know that the crowdfunding industry has added $65 billion to the global economy? And check this out…Crowdfunding is surpassing Venture Capitalism with investments doubling, every year!  The reason it is so successful is that it leverages automation, the internet, and social media to support innovative ideas.

Crowdfunding works by sharing your idea with a community that is passionate about your goals and wants to get involved. As Jen Forman, CEO of Charlotte’s Closet explains, “it’s a really cool option to get started and let fans own a piece” of the business or product.

Choose Crowdfunding If...
  • 01

    You want capital to fund your idea

  • 02

    You have a loyal fan base

  • 03

    You can reach a vast network of people through social media

  • 04

    You are ready to teach your kids to invest, learn, and get involved

  • 05

    You are willing to give back to your investors (think reward-based:  investors get discounts, gifts, equity)

  • 06

    You want to be a part of the $300 billion dollar growth (estimated for crowdfunding by 2025)

You’ve heard of companies like Kickstarter and Indiegogo, some require you to reach certain threshold minimums and others allow pure investment…learn how Charlotte’s Closet launched Investment CrowdFunding through a platform called Netcapital on their Secrets of Success interview.

To get started, determine your goals and research which Crowdfunding company best fits.  Then, prepare your campaign and start getting funded!

Alright, I hope that gives you another idea on how to get started raising capital.  Now, get on with it and have fun involving your followers!

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