The Risk-Based Revolution (Part III)

The Risk-Based Revolution (Part III)

Previously, I wrote about Igniting Your Spark and Letting Your Kids Take Risks.

If you missed either, you can start by reading Part I (Igniting Your Spark) and Part II (Letting Your Kids Take Risks).

Last year I found out that one of my best friends growing up was experiencing a different way to approach risk-based learning.  This is the person that was helping me shove dirt in my wounds as a kid, and compensating for my terrible sense of direction to get us home safely when we got lost in the woods on a camping trip.

These days, she isn’t kicking her little boys out on the sidewalk with a trash can lid to get lost in the woods going down steep hills.  But her boys are going to grow up learning how to take risks to expand their boundaries in life…because she and her husband found a different approach.  It didn’t take much to peak my curiosity, and the more I learn, the more I know they’ve created something incredible.

TEA Kindergarten students experience hands-on research of frog habitats on the Northern California Pacific Coast

Her husband, Taylor, co-founded a school that is taking hands-on learning to another level.  At first glance, it might seem like some hippy outdoor camp for kids, that dismisses the foundational principles of the traditional education system.  They do live in California, after all, so it’s probably all watercolors and free flow jam sessions, right?  


What Taylor and his team are doing at Tahoe Expeditionary Academy (TEA for short) is NOT a departure from the basics.  In fact, what they’re doing is combining the basics, the building blocks for standardized testing, success in higher education, and in life, to enhance the learning environment.

In fact, their students are MORE successful in testing, MORE successful in college, and MORE successful in LIFE!

That got me curious.

So, I had to find out how they’re doing it and see if I could apply any of those lessons to my own son.  Here’s what I learned…


How to Raise Resilient Kids
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    Practice Risk-Based Learning

    I asked Taylor to describe why this movement toward risk-based learning is so effective.  Watch his answer in the video below (click the picture) and read on for his advice on raising resilient kids.

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    Bring Learning to Life

    I asked Taylor, “if you didn’t have access to the Tahoe Expeditionary Academy or anything like it, what would you do?”  And, what advice would he offer parents who wanted the same developmental opportunities for their kids?

    Check out his advice and the 6- steps to bring learning to life in the video below (click on the picture).

Alright!  It’s time to go outside and push the boundaries.

Go out on a limb and create experiences that will shape the next generation of entrepreneurs, presidents, adventurers, inventors and HUMAN BEINGS.  We will all be proud to watch you grow and learn!

Want more?

Check out our entire interview with Taylor here.  Then, visit the TEA website at Tahoe Learning Academy.

An uncommon adventure in learning leads to deeper learning. Sometimes the term “deeper learning” is literal, especially in caves.


We always love hearing from you!  Tell us how you encourage your children to take risks.