Secrets of Success…Learn to Recharge and Achieve Peak Performance with Jannell MacAulay

Secrets of Success…Learn to Recharge and Achieve Peak Performance with Jannell MacAulay

I love inspirational stories!  So, when I find amazing people, I can’t wait to discover their secrets of success.  Welcome to the amazing story of Dr. Jannell MacAulay. You’ll love how she’s helping people recharge and achieve their peak performance!

Meet Jannell:

Whether you call her Lieutenant Colonel, Doctor, or Mom, Jannell MacAulay is a smart and talented woman!

She is an Air Force Pilot, a Ph.D., a leadership and performance specialist, a TEDx speaker, and the founder of the 501 c3-nonprofit Healthy Body and Healthy Life.

Jannell MacAulay, Lt Col, Ph.D., Pilot, Commander

Let’s face it…Jannell has a lot going on!  And, despite her tremendous successes, multiple degrees, and love of being a mom, she still felt like she was falling short.  I know…it’s hard to believe.  (Watch the video to hear her full story).

In the moments between her “labors” (or things she’s working on), you’ll find her researching cutting-edge methods and practicing mindfulness.  One of her “loves” is testing out how to capture present moment attention to improve mental agility and decision-making!

The Secret:

Did you know that the mind wanders up to 50% of the time?  Think about how much of your day are you missing!

To manage this and to overcome stress and pressure, Jannell practices techniques that help achieve peak performance.  And they all start with mental training.

Jannell explains that mindfulness is a cutting-edge brain development activity.  If it sounds a little too “new-age”, think of it as a simple mental exercise, or “push-up for the brain”.  In fact, research shows that just 10 minutes a day can help improve relationships, mood, and communications.

If you’re ready to give it a try, Jannell recommends:

  1. Try practicing mindfulness by relaxing and notice the world around you (don’t apply judgment to your thoughts)
  2. Try the Headspace App (with 10-minute mindfulness activities) or Palouse Mindfulness
  3. Commit to something new each morning (like taking 2 breaths before looking at your phone)

Oh, and don’t add mindfulness to your to-do lists.  Rather, make it a habit and give yourself a break if you miss a day.

Favorite Quote:

“Vision is the art of seeing the invisible.” Jonathan Swift

Watch the Full Interview:

Want More?

Ready to learn more about Jannell, how she recharges, and how to get your mind right to achieve your peak performance?  You can follow her at and check out her 501 nonprofit at:


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