Secrets of Success…How to Break Your Own Glass Ceiling

Secrets of Success…How to Break Your Own Glass Ceiling

I love inspirational stories!  So, when I find amazing people, I love to learn from them and discover their secrets of success.  Welcome to the amazing story of Jen Groover!

Meet Jen:

Jen Groover is a world-respected innovator, mom, entrepreneur, author of “What If? & Why Not?”, UN delegate, and keynote speaker.

We met through our shared passion for empowering others while serving at Knights of Heroes, a camp that honors the children of fallen military heroes.

Jen Groover and Mission Entrepreneur, by Jen Griswold discuss secrets of success

Jen Groover

When she’s not contributing to major television networks such as ABC, CBS, CNBC, NBC, and Fox News or being featured in The Huffington Post, Entrepreneur, and O! The Oprah Magazine, she branded her own Empowerment Movement and launched a million-dollar brand!

The Secret:

Jen’s secret to success comes working on her mindset and not giving away her power (watch the video to hear her unbelievable story on how she learned that one)!

She believes that you can shatter your own glass ceiling by knowing your belief system.

If you’re wondering how to do that, get Jen Groover’s free downloadable guide for our Mission Entrepreneur tribe called DAILY RITUALS TO BECOME MORE SELF AWARE“. 

Favorite Quote:

Jen isn’t afraid of failure.  Her favorite quote is:  “Have more fear of regret than failure”.

And, “Never let anyone dim your light because they are unaware of their own darkness.  Instead, shine your light so bright, that you can only illuminate theirs”.

Watch the Full Interview:

Want More?

Check out Jen’s book, What If? & Why Not?  It shows you how to transform your fears into action by rethinking the negative questions that can lead to failure before you even get started.  And be on the lookout for her new book “Operator’s Manual for Life”.

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In the spirit of my motto, LIVE.GIVE.SERVE.GROW, we are giving you Jen Groover’s totally awesome (and totally free) guide to daily rituals.  Click below.


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