Secrets of Success…Learn how Olympians Turn Failure into an Advantage with Eli Bremer

Secrets of Success…Learn how Olympians Turn Failure into an Advantage with Eli Bremer

I love when people change their world by helping others!  Welcome to the amazing story of Olympian, Eli Bremer. You’ll love how he’s helping other Olympic athletes.  And, get ready to discover how he faced failure and turned it into an advantage!

Meet Eli:

Eli is an Olympic Athlete, Entrepreneur, and Founder of the Pure Performance Team.

In 2006, Eli was the #2 ranked world athlete in the pentathlon.  His success continued and he earned one of the first Olympic slots for the 2008 Olympics.  However, following a horseback riding accident, Eli faced a huge setback and did not medal in the Olympic games.  This could have crushed his self-worth and defined his legacy.  However, Eli took that experience and redefined it.

Now, Eli is inspired to make an impact helping others.   In 2013, Eli retired from pentathlon and drew into his entrepreneurial talents to help other Olympic athletes. He established a sponsorship program that now represents over 10% of the US Olympic athletes!

AF Capt Eli Bremer Runs Beijing

In the spare moments between his physical training, Olympic commentaries, running his multiple business ventures, speaking engagements, and consulting with others destined for greatness, Eli is a proud husband and dad.

The Secret:

Eli believes that success is not reserved for those that are more gifted.  Rather, “success comes to those who are willing to take more risks”.

Olympians overcome failures.  And, you can too.

His secret to success is knowing that “it’s okay to feel the fear.”

In fact, it’s important to acknowledge fear because that is where you can identify tools to deal with it.  Then it’s time to practice and train.  Training is the ultimate tool to overcome your fears.  Eli recommends finding a consistent way to practice and stay accountable.  This will help build your confidence and turn your fears into an advantage.

Eli’s tools to overcome fears include:

Favorite Quote:

One of Eli’s favorite quotes came from a coach.  In response to an athlete complaining about a difficult workout he said: “To be a good runner, you must suffer.”

Eli says that he doesn’t know a single successful person whose success has not been eclipsed by difficulty.  “It is an acknowledgment that often difficulty and suffering are a sign that you are taking risks and growing”.

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Want More?

Ready to learn more about Eli?  You can follow him at and @Eli Bremer on Facebook.  Watch for him as an upcoming Olympic commentator!


In the spirit of growth and overcoming your fears, here are Eli’s favorite resources that help entrepreneurs to succeed.

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