Secrets of Success…Say “NO” to Stay True to Your Mission

Secrets of Success…Say “NO” to Stay True to Your Mission

Secrets of Success! 

Our mission is to teach and empower you to get ahead in life.  So, twice a month we interview inspiring entrepreneurs who share their secrets of success…

Meet Nicole:

This week, we talked with our amazing friend, Nicole Feliciano.  Nicole is the CEO of Momtrends Media (which is a million dollar brand that publishes one of the nation’s top blogs for moms)!  Her company finds time-saving and problem-solving problems for modern moms.

And, she designed her business to be like the “girlfriend you always look forward to seeing”.  Seriously…we couldn’t love that anymore!

And, Nicole knows the struggle of trying to juggle it all.  She’s a mom of two awesome girls, a wife, and businesswoman, living in Brooklyn, NY.

The Secret:

Nicole believes that her secret to success comes from knowing her MISSION and saying “NO” to everything else.  To do this…

  • Determine your goals.
  • Clarify your priorities.
  • Understand what’s most important.
  • And then, write it down!

Whether you prefer a formal mission statement or a beautiful reminder of your priorities (see MomTrends gorgeous example below), putting it on paper makes it real.

The rest is easy.

Simply say “NO” to people and projects that don’t serve your goals!  We promise you will be happy you tried it.

Mom Trends Mission Statement Grid

Favorite Quote:

Nicole isn’t afraid of failure.  In fact, she teaches her team to pivot quickly when something doesn’t work.  But never be afraid to try.

Don’t fear failure. Fear being in the exact same place next year as you are today.


Watch the Full Interview:

Want More?

Check out Nicole’s book, Mom Boss: Balancing Entrepreneurship, Kids & Succes.  It provides a roadmap for startup success for women who have big ideas but are struggling with how to fit it all in with family.  In fact, Nicole was the inspiration for writing Mission Entrepreneur!

And for more, you can always find amazing mom trends by following Nicole at

  • IG – @momtrends
  • Twitter – @momtrends