Should I Stay or Should I Go?

Should I Stay or Should I Go?

It seems like we always get to this time of year, where we have to sit down and process what we’ve already been through, and where we go from here.

It is a moment that can often be accompanied with doubts…doubts that have us questioning why we started. Doubts that have us wondering “should we stay or should be we go now”…

But, as the tune of this song starts to beat faster and faster in our heads, it hits us…”If I go, there will be trouble!!!”

So listen up, every now and then we get in a rut, the volume is lower, motivation is exhausted, and hell we just want to take an ALL DAY NAP!!

Take it!

One all-day nap, then get up and get moving! We are human and it really doesn’t matter if we indulge in the mentality of “doing nothing” sometimes, because it’s necessary!! As a military spouse and mother, I am generally on call 24/7 in every facet. Rarely do I have many moments to myself, and what a golden moment it is when I can actually take a shower and shave both of my legs!!

The Point Is…

We do our best most of the time, and there is no requirement to hit a specific status quo where our efforts are concerned. Striving to do better or to be better is great, however, each of us has an entirely different game board, we aren’t all passing GO, we aren’t battling the same ships, or operating on the same weirdly shaped man.

Recently, I listened to a really amazing training call that had us asking ourselves a really important question…as entrepreneurs we are constantly working, constantly looking for ways to improve, constantly growing, training, and teaching others. At times, we forget the basics; we forget what our job description is…and if you think back to this important question; please ask yourself “Are you doing your job???”… And then, if you aren’t, why haven’t you been fired???

We can take a moment to recompose in every way we need to, however, we also need to ensure that when it comes back to the drawing board that we are focusing on the very simple and basic process of what we’re running. We have to ask ourselves at times if we are doing the minimum required to get the job done, and if not…


Perhaps you started out on this incredible mission to create something amazing, but now it just isn’t what you want anymore. That’s fine; walk away. But, if you get to this point and realize how much you still want it or what it will take to get back into the groove, then take that nap, GET TO WORK, and remember “if you stay it will be double”…

“So come on and let me know…should you stay or should you go???”