Why Keeping It Simple Will Make You Successful

Why Keeping It Simple Will Make You Successful

Anyone feel like our culture today is SO complicated, rushed, and busy, or is it just me?!

The more I work in e-commerce running an online business, the more I see it. Constant notifications, messages coming in, customers asking questions, and your team wanting help. It is all very necessary at some points, but can also become WAY too noisy and overwhelming, right? I hope I’m not the only one who feels this way!

I want to share some tips that help me realize just HOW important it is to SIMPLIFY. This comes from a real-life standpoint this weekend-my sweet little boy turned 3 years old yesterday and I learned the power of simplicity from how we planned his birthday celebration. The past two years I’ve had elaborate, Pinterest perfect style gatherings for him. Don’t get me wrong, I am NOT hating on those that love to plan these style parties for their kids’ birthdays, but for me, it always proved to be really stressful.

This year we only invited family, got a themed cake and balloons, and had people over to our house. I’m talking SUPER simple. And guess what? It was totally the best party we’ve had. I wasn’t exhausted, he was SO happy, and so was everyone else. And it got me thinking…

Keep It Simple
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    Turn Off Notifications!

    My phone is a VERY necessary thing to run my biz, but can distract me like crazy. When I’m feeling pulled in all directions, I put my phone on do not disturb mode!

    It is amazing what I get accomplished!

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    Make a To-Do List

    Then number each thing based on order of importance. What MUST get done in the next hour? That gets a #1. What can wait until tomorrow? That’s farther down the list. The simpler I can make my to-do list and the more organized it is, the better.

  • 03
    Less Is More

    What can you get rid of that isn’t helping you reach your goals? A phone call that takes too much of your precious time? An app you spend too much time on?

    Take an hour of your workday and write down everything you do in that hour to see where you are really spending your time.

    It’s eye-opening!

How does this apply to running an online business? Sometimes you really have to take a step back and cut out what doesn’t matter. What is the noise that distracts you from what is most important in building your business? Try these tips and see how it works for you.

What are your tips to simplify during this busy season of the year!  Leave us a comment and share your best tips for keeping it simple!