Take Chances…Get Lost…Be Fearless!  Lessons Around Us

Take Chances…Get Lost…Be Fearless! Lessons Around Us

Wrapping up the year of living in a new country as a military family has been bittersweet. When we found out we’d be heading to Japan, our plan immediately was to take advantage of every opportunity, and to see and do as much as we could. I’m shocked at how much beauty exists in this country and the incredible ways in which this experience has helped us grow.

As entrepreneurs, a lot of the decisions we make are based on a fear of the unknown; but taking a leap of faith on your life and the amazing potential you can create is so much more worth it than letting the fear hold you back. In this short time of being here, I have discovered a culture that values living in harmony. And although we are living in some very trying times, I honestly believe we all go through situations that offer an opportunity to learn and grow. It’s simply a matter of changing your perspective and discovering the lessons that surround us.

This journey has allowed me to experience moments that can’t even be described in words. Standing at the hypocenter of where atomic bombs were dropped, experiencing the values in rice cultivation, and living in a place that has beaches, mountains, and seasonal changes all in the same view…it’s nothing short of amazing!!

In all I have experienced so far, I have learned some incredible lessons as a mom, a wife, and as a business owner.

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    Take Chances.

    The scariest step to what we desire is the first step. By allowing the fear to lie by the wayside, you’ll gain an opportunity to learn new things about yourself. People and places are far more accommodating than we assume. Don’t allow language barriers or differences in culture to impact your opportunity to learn. Chances are, those same ‘barriers’ are learning too, and what better way to grow, than to learn from one another!

    Take Chances…Learn From the World Around You.  Mission Entrepreneur by Jen Griswold

    Take Chances…Learn From the World Around You

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    Get Lost.

    We often worry about the moments that stall us in life, and associate getting lost with a form of failure. The truth, however, is that we discovered some of the most amazing finds getting lost in this beautiful country, from some of the most unique shops, to the many beautiful shrines, and incredibly ‘oishi’ (delicious) places to eat. Sometimes the answers we’re looking for requires taking the wrong turn…over and over and over again!! And in the end, getting lost has always led us to beautiful destinations.

    Get Lost…Learn From the World Around You.  Mission Entrepreneur by Jen Griswold

    Get Lost…Learn From the World Around You.

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    Be Fearless.

    One concern I had was how I would possibly find my way around, or how I could get involved to elevate the experience I wanted to have…and just as we often network in business, I realized the greatest resources are in every facet of our lives. There is an abundance of resources all around us from our community, neighbors, friends, colleagues, spouses, and children. And, just as we’d consult with a co-worker on ideas to complete a task, we have to build relationships with the resources that surround us, in order to enrich our journey.

    Be Fearless…Learn From the World Around You.  Mission Entrepreneur by Jen Griswold

    Be Fearless…Learn From the World Around You.

Since our journey began in our new country, we have finished degrees, started kindergarten, visited Australia, enjoyed the juiciest pineapple in Okinawa, been in awe over breathtaking beaches, saw our first whale shark, stood in the busiest intersection in the world, experienced the happiest place on earth (Tokyo style), and built some of the most incredible relationships. The kindness, appreciation, and respect that are instilled here every single day have made us the luckiest people on earth. The amazing people and country of Japan live life in peace and harmony.

It is humbling, beautiful to witness, and life-changing to be here…to learn, to grow, and become better because we took chances, have taken many wrong turns, and learned to be fearless. As we roll into the New Year, I am forever grateful for the flexibility that our military community requires, and the opportunity to learn from our surroundings.

What are your favorite memories from a PCS?